Server Update

09.10.2020, 11:17:09 AM, posted by Onezero
--Released custom Auction House with Shiny currency.
--Released Tier 2 solo questing zone. Starter quest inside Tier 2.
Custom Profession Updates:
Succulent Strider Drumstick Recipe Added.
Sugarbomb Surprise! Recipe Added.
Philly Cheese Dog Recipe Added.
Garlic-Herb Butter Roasted Turkey Recipe Added.
Cooking related materials added to profession dungeon.
Gobeyed Mudfish can be fished, somewhere.

Exceptional Calcite -> Exceptional Margarite (now a prismatic gem).

Potion of the Savage increased to 2000 AP.
Potion of the Mindful increased to 2000 AP.
Potion of the Mountain increased to 15000 Armor.
Elixir of Persistence increased to 500 Stamina.

--Added a new premium feature "Chat Everywhere!". Allows active premium users to interact in the world chat in-game via discord.
--Updated the "Feeling Lucky" benefit to adjust the current content.
--Changed the description of the benefit "Always Winning even when Losing".
--Changed the description of the benefit "Enter Where You Want".
--Eye of Command - Spell added for Hunters to replicate the extra hit chance.
--Reintroduced "Chop Chop Wood" quest in starter zone quest chain.