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ID Title Assignment Type Status Severity Version
285 Stuck in combat bug Awaiting for confirmation Other Major Unlimited

Bug Description

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10-06-2017 05:34 PM

So lately people have been stuck in combat in dungeons and/or just normal places like mall.

When you use runescroll of fortitude on self you are instantly flagged as in combat .
Using soulstone will fix this .
However when in a raid like ZG you have to either die go on foot or soulstone out.

I made it as a major bug because when in a raid this is pritty time consuming when people are trying to do it fast . Aswell as for timed quests .

I have not tried this on a priest to see if the fortitude gives this bug too to everyone.



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10-06-2017 05:40 PM
I want to add the following

I tested this around a bit .

When my pet is out and i use a buff on him i get in combat , like runescroll a raid buff it triggers combat.
Aswell as kings.
When i use drums of forgotten kings with people near me it also triggers " in combat "

wich in term blocks you from using the teleporter.


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