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287 Character Disappears Rob Raid Dungeon Won't Fix Minor Unlimited

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Posted By:
10-14-2017 09:28 PM
Up until today, I have had no issues with my characters and spell casting.
However, ever since ZG has been updated, for some reason when I go into dungeons, my characters disappear when Im in combat.
And its not just my characters. Its pretty much everyone in the group that I am in. I see their shadows on the ground but I cant see them anymore.

I have tried this on 3 of my characters and all of them are having the same issue. Im not sure if its a client problem on my end or if anyone else is experiencing this issue as well.

Tried relogging, reloading, zoning in and out, doesnt matter. It does it no matter what dungeon Im in and doesnt matter what I do.


Posted By:
Game Master
10-20-2017 07:43 AM

Whenever that issue occurs where people and yourself go invisible.
Exit the game and delete your "Cache" folder.

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