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ID Title Assignment Type Status Severity Version
289 Priest Dispel magic Rob Priest Confirmed Minor Unlimited

Bug Description

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10-20-2017 12:53 PM
Bug = dispel magic

As an alliance member you can debuf a horde member .
Like if he has kings i can take it away with dispel magic .
The target does have to be horde if the caster is alliance .
And the caster does not have to be in combat!


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10-30-2017 12:44 PM
Current behaviour : As an alliance priest when you target a horde member and you use the spell Dispel Magic on him it will debuff him.
So for example i am a human priest and i target a bloodelf and i click dispel magic , it will debuf his buffs.

Expected behaviour: Dispel Magic should not debuf hord when out of combat .

reproduce: 1 Make a human priest , target a bloodelf or troll , then use dispel magic " single target " not mass .
This will debuf all spells . However , this will not debuf consumables or passive buffs .
So donor buffs or voter buff will not be affected .
kings priest buffs , druid buffs etc will be debuffed.
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Game Master
10-27-2017 05:30 AM
Can you please follow the correct format https://forum.heroes-wow.com/threads/1111-Bugtracker
From what you have stated, I am not sure exactly where the bug is.

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