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304 Shaman frostband Awaiting for confirmation Shaman Trivial Unlimited

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Heroes WoW Member
1 Week Ago 10:26 PM
Shaman using frostband offhand weapon with 1.8 ( weapon attack speed ) has half the procs of a weapon with 3.4/3.6 ( weapon attack speed )

Using 2hand main hand (3.6) and rare weapon offhand ( 1.8 attack speed ) and Frostband is proccing less than half the previous 3.6 weapon used in offhand

My stats in character panel are 0.4 main hand 0.19 offhand attacks per second. Enchanted Winfury main and Frost band Off-hand

( i think its baseline that the slower speed weap has more procs but.. it has a slower attack speed than the faster offhand i just got basically it should balance out but it's half the procs with double the attack speed )


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