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305 Gearscore bug Awaiting for confirmation Raid Dungeon Major Unlimited

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Posted By:
Heroes WoW Member
01-07-2018 11:07 AM

I found a bug/mistake in the system about gearscore. Let me explain:

I had 50% T17 and T18 with a few t16 as rings, with Ahune staff, and wasnt able to enter SWP.. "Alright, lets buy rings and stuff, so you might be able to" so i did.. i did a LOT. 1xt17 ring and 2xt18 and a t17 weapontoken. I bought t17 and t18 rings, and weaponstokens to upgrade my wand, so i was full T18 with ahune staff.. but i still lacked gearscore, to enter SWp.. "Well that's odd, since you can't upgrade otherwise.." i thought.

Then i tried to equip my old t15 mh+oh and *BOOM!* i was able to enter swp. "well, that's weird, since my staff is 10 times better than the t15-set i thought". After entering SWP i swapped weapons back to the Ahune, and kept getting "Your have a gearscore of 4795 you must have a gearscore of 4800 to enter!" spamming on my screen. And now, when i'm 50% T18-19 i did the same thing in RFC.. with ahune i could NOT enter RFC, but if i equipped my t15 mh+oh i could, because2 weapons is better than one, no matter the tier, according to the system.

I don't know how the gearscore is ment to be, but i'm pretty sure that this is NOT workingas intended, since 2xt15 weapons is considered better than a worldboss drop like the staff from ahune.

Now i quite feel like i've wasted quite a few thousands shiny's because of it, and that is what i'm quite pissed about. I know servers like this have minor bugs, but i spend a LOT of shiny's trying to enter a place, i would never be able to enter, if i did not find the bug in the gearscore-system.

Hope you find a way to fix this, maybe even give me the wasted shiny's back so i could upgrade directly to t19 like i was planning to.

/The fat dwarf


Posted By:
Heroes WoW Member
01-08-2018 10:09 AM
That's what i did, after realizing that. using 2x15 to enter, then swap weapons.. i kept getting the "you must have a gearscore on xxxx to enter". I just spend thousands of shiny's, because i thought it would help to have full t18, wich it didn.. and that kinda sucks i'd say. Wasting shiny's because the system is obviously broken.
Posted By:
Heroes WoW Member
01-08-2018 03:37 AM
Each weapon in game is scaled with item level respective to it's tier, one weapon could be less " gear score " than 2 pieces 4 tiers lower. U dont need to have them equiped to stay inside the instance, you can just equip them, Walk in and then use what ever you want. At this point , like i did. instantly make a ticket and question it. i spoke to gm very quickly and he told me about it. U can use my idea have 2x t15 items to enter swp and then u can use ur ahune stuff inside the instance. pretty ez mate

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