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    How to delete Cache... for dummies - by Monkeyz

    How to delete Cache... for dummies by Professor Monkeyz™


    Today I will explain you in a very graphic tutorial how you ought to
    delete the cache when some smart-ass decides to advise you on doing that to fix several in-game issues.

    Step by step

    • Press [esc] key on your device's keyboard.
    • Notice the following window being prompted:

    • Press [Exit Game].
    • Notice the following window being prompted:

    • Either wait 20 seconds to pass or be an anxious impatient brat and click [Exit now].
    • Navigate using Explorer to Heroes WoW base folder.
    • Notice a folder named "Cache" as shown below:

    • Right-click the above mentioned folder.
    • By holding with your left's hand pinky finger the [Shift] key, click "Delete".

    • Unfortunately, you are as stated above a dummy and misclicked. Please refer to the above step!
    • Good!
    • Click "Yes" as very suggested in the print-screen below:

    • Congratulations! You have successfully deleted your Cache folder. You can now proceed in-game and notice whether this fixed anything or not.

    Enjoy and keep deletin'!

    - - - Updated - - -


    • Download this .bat thingie.
    • Place it in base WoW folder.
    • Launch it!

    Compliments to
    nerder for the development of this amazing feature. Please donate to supp... Nevermind!

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    Thank you for the guide! I like it when someone puts effort into their guides!

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    Thank you!

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