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    [Fallen Heroes] Updated Fallen Realm Guide


    - Starting out
    - What to do
    - Once level 80
    - Semi-geared
    - Icecrown Citadel Attunement
    - Choosing A Spec
    - Dungeon Finder
    - Zul'Gurub
    - Riding Skill
    - 2.0 custom Heroes WoW Patch
    - MAC users
    - Being disconnected when logging in
    - Dungeons / Raids
    - Character / Hearthstone
    - Professions
    - Legendary Weapon Upgrading
    - Crusader's Trophy
    - Event Coins
    - Mythical Shards
    - Relic of the Titans
    - Adventure Runes
    - Hawjiki's Pants / Raffle Credit
    - Heroism Points / Valiancy Points
    - PvP
    - PvP coins
    - Quests
    - Auction House
    - Transmog / Transmog Points
    - Addons
    - Tickets for a GM
    - Banned
    - Other stuff
    - Donating / Voting
    - No Charges Remain Bug

    Starting out:

    When you've created your character and you log into the realm for the first time, you will see various npcs right there, some you'll notice there at different times. This is due to them being linked to an event so they will only appear there when the event is active and vanish when the event is over. Also type the following to join the public chat channel where you can find groups or ask questions or guilds etc: /join world

    What to do:

    Firstly equip the gear inside your bag (if it isn't already equipped). You will also have the option to use ironman mode item in your bag (sets XP to x1). If you use it by mistake, the only way to reverse it is remake the character. Now you'll have the following options depending what event is running. If you don't see certain things listed, it means the event is not running so you can check the other options listed.

    Option 1: You'll see Buttercup <Instant Level Up> npc there, simply do those quests which is instant hand in till no more quests appear. When you've finished those, you can do a couple quests in Northrend till level 80 or do the Leveling quests from Aluh'iki The Fallen Hero <Leveling Quest> npc.

    Option 2: You can use the TeleNPC and go to Events and go straight to the Leveling Arena and do the chain quests there which takes you to level 80.

    Option 3: You can use the TeleNPC and go to Events and go straight to the Leveling Road and do the chain quests there which takes you to level 80.

    Option 4: If you can't do Option 1 or 2 or 3 due to the events not being active, you can simply do a couple quests where you started out and Level up till 28 cause the Leveling quests will only appear if you're Level 28 or higher. You can then use the TeleNPC and port to the Mall and find the quest npc named Aluh'iki The Fallen Hero <Leveling Quest> and do those chain quests + a few quests in Northrend till level 80, it gives you the rest of your starter gear as quest rewards. They ask you to kill mobs that are blizzlike to wotlk so just google the locations if you're unsure. Note that if a certain teleport location doesn't show on the teleporter npc list, it means you need to gain a few more levels for it to show.

    For Death knights & Custom Races: You now start out at Azshara, you can equip starter gear inside your bag and then talk to Highborne Spirit to pick up and do the following quests: The Ruins of Eldarath > The Pygmys (requires level 10 to show) > Yeti There Is More (requires level 18 to show) > Aluh'iki (he is directly up the road behind Highborne Spirit). You can then start doing the Hero's quests from him.

    Once level 80:

    You'll notice you've auto learned spells but its always wise to visit your class trainers located at major cities like Stormwind or Orgrimmar or the Mall to make sure you've got the highest rank. Also wise to do the chain quests for any missing spells you have which also give lots of XP while leveling, for example shaman totems. Those types of things.

    After that's done, you have a couple of options of gearing up which are the following, remember choose the next option if the 1st option isn't possible...

    Option 1: Teleport to Arena on the teleporter npc and pick up free s5 gear (if the event is active you'll see the npcs there, if the event is not active the npcs will not be there).

    Option 2: You can do Wrath of the Norse Gods on the Teleport Npc under Dungeons which you can solo if you stun / fear / disarm / entangling roots or use what ever cooldowns you have. This will give you t7 / t7.5 gear.

    Option 3: You can farm gold from various daily quests, all dungeons or raids listed on the teleporter npc and buy t8.5 gear tokens from Dreadlock Burdie at the PvE Mall to be used for t8.5 gear in the building on the right hand side of where Dreadlock Burdie is standing.

    Option 4: Use the TeleNPC and go to Wandering isles under Teleports (Make sure you have the 2.0 custom patch installed first and run down the hill to Instructor Qun <Trial of Beginnings> and proceed to do the chain quests from there for heroism points and use them to buy t9 at the PvE mall in the building from Aspirant Forudir <Triumphant Armor Vendor> on the right hand side of where Dreadlock Burdie is standing if you already have t8.5 gear. Its quite a number that lead out to the village. This would be good to do if you've already done Option 1, 2 or 3.

    Option 5: Ecnologia is in Crystalsong Forest at The Azure Front. You will need a decent 5 man party to kill this boss (Tank, healer + 3 dps.)

    Semi-geared now:

    Now if you've followed most of the options above, you're decently geared now which means you're ready to do 5 man heroic dungeons. There are daily quests for these various 5 man heroic dungeons so its good to visit the PvE Mall and pick up those quests from Archmage Lan'dalock that reward heroism, valiancy points and Crusader's Trophy then proceed to the teleporter after getting a group (form 1 over world channel chat) and go to the necessary dungeons needed for the quests.

    If the Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave event is running (You'll know if it appears on the TeleNPC eventlist) then this is also a good way to get some gear from the quests there as the rewards are Bags with Bind on Equip gear in. Its best to do it on a main character or with some friends.

    You'll basically get the rest of the gear or even some upgrades from these various 5 man heroic dungeons so that's your next step and gear vendors at the Mall which require heroism points or valiancy points. Once you've done all that, you can aim for a mix of t8.5 to t9.5 to be ready for Icecrown Citadel Raids. Just remember Gearscore isn't everything, you'll be more likely to be accepted into an icc raid due to you knowing how to use a little common sense and know how all the fights work. But its strongly suggested to have the necessary tier gear listed above before attempting Icecrown Citadel.

    Icecrown Citadel Attunement:

    Outside Icecrown Citadel Entrance you'll find a quest npc named Juno. Pick up the quest named Hero's Dungeon: Icecream Citadel. If it doesn't appear, do the leveling quests needed to unlock it from Aluh'iki Fallen hero npc till it asks you to kill the Black Knight. Go to the TeleNPC and select Dungeons then Wrath of the Norse Gods and kill the 5 Bosses in there. After you've killed the last boss, teleport out and reset your dungeons by right clicking your face in the top left corner and select "Reset all Instances" and go back in to kill them again. After you did that twice, go to Trial of the Champion found on the TeleNPC list under Dungeons > Wrath Dungeons > Trial of the Champion. You will need some help with this boss that you can ask for over World channel (/join World) After him, you need 10500 gold which you can get from Wandering Isles daily quests (Sing Pools, Dai-Lo Farmstead, Forlorn Hut, Skyseeker Wreck), Daily 5 man Heroic quests & Sons of Flames quests that reward over 400g each. You can also sell BoE items in the Auction house or level up a profession like jewelcrafting or enchanting and charge to make stuff at a reasonable price. Finally after all that, you can go back to the quest npc outside Icecrown citadel, choose a weapon right for your spec and you'll also receive a bag with t8.5 gear tokens you can use at the PvE mall at the t7&8 vendor. You'll then be able to enter Icecrown Citadel.

    Choosing The Right Spec

    When choosing a spec for a class you don't have much experience with, its not advisable to simply put all 71 talents into 1 talent tree. The easiest way to choose the right spec is simply google it and copy the talents as you see in the guide as a baseline. For example: balance druid pve guide 3.3.5 or frost death knight pve guide 3.3.5 or prot warrior pve guide 3.3.5 and these guides will help you 90% of the time in learning your class and knowing what gear to use. Just remember not every guide will work 100% but its worth doing so if you're unsure about something just ask players.

    Dungeon Finder:

    This feature is bugged so its best not to try queue. If you wish to find or start a dungeon or raid, you can ask over World Chat channel (type /join world) and get a group for specific things there then use the TeleNPC to port to the place you wish do.


    In order to get into Zul'Gurub you need to teleport to Zul'Gurub and pick up the quest from Bloodslayer Zeela <Zul'Gurub Attunement> npc on the left side when you looking at the door and complete the quest which involves killing Lich King on 10 man.

    Riding Skill:

    You can talk to Hira Snowdawn in the Mall, Dalaran, Orgrimmar or Stormwind to train the necessary riding skills you need. Normal Mounts you can get from rep quartermasters or in the Mall and Dalaran from Mei Francis.

    2.0 custom Heroes WoW Patch

    You will need the 2.0 patch to see the custom mounts and areas on the realm. The patch will only work with an English WoW client, if you try using it with a German WoW client for example, you will start having issues. Simply download WoW with the 3.0 custom patch already installed from the torrent found here: (go to WoW data folder and copy paste it somewhere so you have 2 data folders with the different patches for the different realms and remove patch-4.mpq in 1 folder) then get the 2.0 patch from Heroes WoW discord #fallen channel in pinned messages at the top and put it in your data folder. So if you play Unlimited, use the 3.0 data folder, if you play fallen, use the 2.0 data folder.

    Mac Users having issues:

    If you're using a mac to play our servers its important that you view this topic first to avoid issues when installing the the game

    Being disconnected when logging in:

    If you experience this issue multiple times like in Dalaran for example, exit WoW and clear your cache folder then log back and spam your movement keys on loading screen till you enter the game fully. You may need to do this twice depending if it doesn't work the 1st time.

    Dungeons / Raids:

    If you wish to reset any dungeon or raid, there is a macro you can make and use which is found here: or if you don't like making macros, you can simply click on yourself and type the following:

    .i u all (hit enter after you typed it).
    .i u all (hit enter after you typed it again).

    You can also select other players and type the reset command twice to reset their dungeons if they are unsure how to do it themselves.

    Character / Hearthstone:

    If your character is dead inside an instance or you've teleported to an event area without having the 2.0 custom patch installed, you can simply use the unstuck tool found here: and remember to change the realm to Fallen Realm in the top right hand side. Click on either Northrend, Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor, find any location like Elywynn Forest or Orgrimmar and click on the grey circle on the map and under the mapchoose your character and hit Teleport. If you're hearthstone is on cooldown for what ever reason, you can simply type the following: .unstuck


    These have been increased to x10 rates but you still gotta go running around getting all the required regeants. Most of the 3.3.5a profession guides found on the net are still helpful so you can use those if you're stuck.

    Legendary Weapon Upgrading:

    When you've voted / donated for a Legendary 1 weapon (scroll down to Donating / Voting) you can pick up the starter quest from Hulababe Npc located at the Mall slightly North West of the building you came out of when porting which then leads to you Icecrown Citadel for the chain quests. The quests are as follows: The Calm(Legendary 2) > The Gathering(Legendary 2) > The Harvest(Legendary 2) > The Plague(Legendary 2) > The Blood(Legendary 2) > The Frost(Legendary 2) > Upgrading Legendary 1 weapon which requires a Lich King kill and Broken Frostmourne quest item you loot from Lich King.

    Those who are after Shadowmourne weapon, that is part of a reward you choose from Legendary 1 now(Upgrading Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros). So you don't need those Shadowfrost Shards.

    Wake Stones are now used part the Legendary 3 upgrade quest which have a 25% drop rate the last heroic 5 man dungeon bosses.

    Crusader's Trophy:

    This is gained through GM hosted events from certain bosses that are spawned. They are also rewards from daily 5 Man Heroic quests from Archmage Lan'dalock at the PvE Mall. They are used to upgrade to t9.5 at Argent Tournament or the PvE Mall (you can get there by using the TeleNPC and going to Trial of the Champion) the vendors will be on the left side when you've ported.

    Event Coins:

    Event coins are used for faster than normal mounts / transmog gear / fun items / companion pets, the event vendor is located at the Mall in the middle.

    These are gained through GM hosted events and Events listed on the TeleNPC as well as daily quests you can find at Wandering Isle at the following Locations on the TeleNPC list under Teleports > Wandering Isles:

    Forlorn Hut (quests right there, then directly South West from there you'll find more in Wreck of the Skyseeker)
    Dai-Lo Farmstead (quests right there, then take the road going East from the TeleNPC all the way to Singing Pools on the bridge you'll find more.)

    Mythical Shards:

    These are rewards you get from the daily quests to get event coins from Wandering Isles. They are used to purchase mounts found at Mandori Village from the npcs Amalia <Tiger Mounts Vendor> and Crimson Butterfly <Pandaland> in Wandering Isles. Easiest way to get there, use the TeleNPC > Teleports > Wandering Isles, port to Temple of Five Dawns and run straight down the stairs. There is also a vendor that sells goats and Yaks, just follow the road going down the hill near the Crane vendor and the first doorway you see on your right hand side, the vendor is in there named Vu Blackbelly.

    Relic of the Titans:

    These are used for transmog gear inside Sunwell Plaza (under Dungeons on the teleporter) and drop from the trash mobs inside there and from GM hosted events and various other places in northrend.

    Adventure Runes:

    These are gained from quest rewards from the Event Arena and from Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave event, Frostvalley Ridge Event. You can purchase gear bags from the npc Lilith at the Mall on the right hand side as you exit the building.

    Hawjiki's Pants / Raffle Credit:

    To stand a chance to get a raffle credit for the quest for a Legendary 2 weapon and Custom mount at the Mall you will need to get the item called Hawjiki's Pants from 5 man heroic dungeons and keep it in your bags or bank, winners are then selected at the end of every month. They don't always drop 100% so don't give up if you didn't get them the 1st run. Please note that they DO NOT drop in Pit of Saron, Forge of Souls and Halls of Reflection. They do however drop in every other 5 man heroic dungeons such as Halls of Lightning, Drak'Tharon Keep, Gundrak etc. Basically the 1's listed on the TeleNPC teleporter list under Dungeons > Wrath Dungeons. The Raffle is currently removed but if its ever active again, thats how you get the pants.

    Hawjiki's Rare Chest:

    The chest has a chance to spawn in all Kalimdor zones. So you can go to the TeleNPC and go to Kalimdor and pick a zone and start looking for it. There is no hints and it spawns randomly so it can take a while to find, does help if you're super bored as its something to do. The chest is bigger than the battered chests you find and its grey in color with the name of Hawjiki's Rare Chest. It contains Event Coins, Transmog sets and Emblems. You can also make use of the Dwarf race here with their ability to track Treasure.

    Heroism Points / Valiancy Points:

    These are gained through daily heroic quests at the Mall from npcs in the building on the left when you exit the first building after you ported and at GM hosted events. You can use the various emblems gained for gear upgrades. The vendors are located at the Mall or Dalaran in Silver Enclave(for ally) and in Sunreavers Sanctuary (for horde). They also sell various PvP gear. There is also a vendor outside Halls of Reflection named Lady Maverick <Temp Halls of Reflection Vendor>


    There is Gurubashi Arena as well as open world pvp and battlegrounds that you can join to like warsong gulch, arathi basin, eye of the storm and more. If you wish to queue, simply hit H and click the pvp tab and select the battleground then queue. It takes 2 players from each faction to queue in order for a battleground to start. If you queue for random battleground, that requires 10 players from each faction so its best not to queue for that. Usually players queue the battleground that has call to arms on it.
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