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    Rules and Guidelines

    You as the player take soul responsibility in reading up and staying update on all rules.
    We recommend you also read: and

    Please note that depending on severity, regardless of what kind of offense it may be, permanent bans can be issued without warning - even for first time offenders.

    Minor Offenses:

    Player insulting / harassment - 5d ban, each consecutive ban adds 5 days.

    Creating Drama (Ie: Accusing someone of being a ninja, accusing a staff of power abuse ect.(In game)) - 120 minutes mute to 30d ban. If you want Report player or GM use Report Forum.

    Lastly if you are warned by a gm to stop doing something and you fail to listen, you can be banned for 1 - 5 days regardless of what is or isn't in the rules.

    Major Offenses:

    Multiboxing in any form of pvp - 30d to permanent situational, 2nd time permanent on all accounts.

    Denying Loot: (Ninja items, Reserving items (in non guild groups), Kicking during boss fights, Kicking before loot is handed out, leaving groups to take loot) - 30d first offense, an additional 20 days will be added each time. (all accounts)

    Sexual Harassment - 15 day ban, if caught again 30 day ban. Third time, permanently.

    Racism/Discriminatory Behavior - 30d to 60d, if caught again can add 30d - permanent.

    Severe Offenses:

    GM insulting/disrespecting - 30d to 90d, if caught again can add 120d coul become permanent. Depends on situation.

    Discourage players to play on our server - 7 days ban to permanently ban. Depends on situation.

    Threatening Staff - 30d to 180d, caught again permanent on all accounts.

    Honor/arena farming 20d ban,if caught again perm.(Fallen: Characters will be removed.)

    Any form of Bug Abusing in game - 30 days to permanent on all accounts.

    Advertising / Saying any other server name in game - 30d / Permanent ban depending on the situation.

    One Strike Offenses:

    If caught trying to buy / sell your account or Trying to scam players or real world trading for items or services - Perm, both IP and account (all accounts)

    Staff Impersonation - Perm, both IP and all accounts.

    Any form of hacking/cheating - 20 days to permanent on all accounts depending on severity.

    What you can do while banned:

    If your main account is banned and you are not ip banned for any reason, you may play on an alt account but follow the rules or you will be banned on your alt account as well without warning.

    Additional Information:

    Furthermore, as these rules apply to specific instances of misconduct, we reserve the right to modify existing or add new rules at our discretion without notice (and without placing them in this list) in order to handle any variation of offenses. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel the service of any user at any time.
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