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    [Outdated] PVE Cheat Sheet

    Guide created by Jamtags, modified by Moose and Fenuks.
    Edited as of July 17th 2017 to fit the new (Item Level) system by: Moose & Fenuks.
    (*) star marked in Dark Red marks text edited to fit new changes implemented within the new Item Level system.

    Hello all, if you are new here welcome. This is a simple cheat sheet to help you understand PvE on Heroes WoW and how raids progress.

    Start: Progress by following the road, leading through the Level Road killing the mobs whom scale throughout. Remember to grab all your talents and sort your bars as you go along. For those brand new to the server the best way to level up is to just kill as many mobs the same level as you.
    As of the 14th of July 2017: Drak'Tharon Keep, Icecrown Citadel and the Obsidian Sanctum have been removed. Most items obtained in these instances have been added to vendors at the Level Road.

    Sequence of Raids

    MoltenCore - Tier 12 - Req 10-25 players. (Boostable)
    *This instance can now be accessed through items bought from the Level Road. Items from Molten Core will boost your Item Level, to make it possible for you to enter Naxxramas. Also this instance will drop Core of Power which is used to upgrade donor/voter tabards/shirts (quests found in the quest zone).

    BlackTemple - Tier 13 - Req 5-15 players. (Boostable)
    *Black Temple can now be accessed through Items bought through the Level Road vendors. Items at the Level Road will give you enough Item level to access Molten Core and Black Temple. This Instance provides better gear for you to allow you entry into Naxxramas.

    Naxxrammas- Tier 14 - Req 10-25 players.
    * Naxxramas is the main Instance after Molten Core & Black Temple, Main set pieces including (Hands, Legs, Chest, Shoulders and Head) will be used to upgrade to later Tiers, make sure you get your Tier set from here. Make sure to complete the daily tier quest which will allow you to get a piece of your t14 gear every day if you complete the quest. Tier 14 gear will allow you entry into Vault of Archavon, so make sure you get enough Tier 14 pieces.

    *Important - From Naxxramas onwards, you will need to upgrade gear using the previous gear. This starts with T15 as you will need T14 from Naxxramas plus a T15 token to upgrade into T15 And so on until t20. You can find these quests throughout the quest zone found through the world teleporter or inside Instances.

    Vaultof Archivon - Tier 15 - Req 10 players –
    *Gain enough Vault of Archavon (Tier 15) gear to gain entry into Shattered Halls.

    The Shattered Halls - Tier 16 - Req 10 players –
    *Gain enough The Shattered Halls (Tier 16) gear to gain entry into Zul'Gurub.

    Zul'Gurub- Tier 17 - Req 10 players -
    -This is the first instance you begin to collect “Shiny Platinum Boxes”
    -These boxes can be turned into a vendor located in the mall for rewards such as flying mounts, tier tokens, weapon tokens and more.
    *-Gear obtained inside Zul'Gurub will allow you entry to the next Instance (Zul'Aman).

    Zul'Aman- Tier 18 - Req 10 players –
    *Gain enough Zul'Aman (Tier 18) gear to gain entry into Sunwell Plateau.

    Sunwell Plateau - Tier 19 - Req 10 players –
    *Gain enough Sunwell Plateau (Tier 19) gear to gain entry into Ragefire Chasm.

    RagefireChasm - Tier 20 - Req 10 players –
    -You must complete the quest chain here to enter Karazhan.
    *Killing the boss (Firelord Scald) will drop an item called (Ancient Heart of Magic) which starts the Karazhan access Chain Quest.

    Karazhan- Tier 21 - Req 10 players -
    -You must complete the quest chain here to enter Trial of Crusader (ToC).
    *You will gain the first Quest in the chain to gain access in to Trial of the Crusader after you have gained (Honored) reputation with The Violet Eye faction. Second quest, will be available after gaining Revered reputation and the final quest will be available after hitting Exalted.

    Trial of the Crusader - Tier 22 - Req 10 players
    *Gain enough ToC (Tier 22) gear to gain entry into Ulduar.

    Ulduar - Tier 23 / Tier 23.5 - Req 15 players - Currently the highest tier

    Non-Donor Section

    -While this server has donor gear that is slightly better than Non-Donor tier sets, Non-Donor items have also shown to cause similar damage to that of the Donor sets.

    Obtaining Gold Coins without donating?
    -Yes you read that right! When you are playing on our server you can obtain gold coins. You can obtain them by doing PvE and PvP. This is spread on your account and it's not bind to one character.

    Best Donor Items to get with Free Gold Coins?
    -The most valuable and easily obtained donor items that you can quickly get from actively playing are Titans Grip and Dual Wield. This allows for classes that aren’t warriors to be able to wield Two 2-Handed weapon or a 2-Handed and an Off-Hand.

    Event Trinket (Non-Donor)
    You can gather the Smoldering Embers Souls to obtain the event trinket, this npc can be found in quest-zone. You need 5 Smoldering Embers Souls for quest one, 20 Smoldering Embers Souls to upgrade to rank I and 10 Smoldering Embers Souls for rank II. This trinket can be used up until the trinkets in ZG which is t17/17.5. Trinkets are important parts of improving your DPS so it is important to pick one of these up

    Rare/WorldBoss Weapons
    -If your character has high enough gear, you can find rare weapons for any/all classes in SWP or from some world bosses. For those who do not wish to donate, these weapons are actually very close in DPS when compared to donor weapons.

    Voter Tabard / Shirt
    -While there are donor versions of these shirts/tabards, If you do not want to donate this is your best option! First you need to vote to obtain the voter shirt/tabard, The guide for voting is right here: After you obtain the voter shirt / tabard, you can begin the upgrade process which starts in the quest zone from the NPC’s Gezhe and Prince Shaffar.

    Voter Buff
    -This buff for one toon only, meaning that you can’t use it for all of your toons. Once you find the character you want this buff on, you can buy it from the voter vendor located in the donor/voter mall. This buff will increase all of your stats by 15%, while the paladin Blessing of Kings buff only increases your stats by 10%. These two buffs do not stack, therefore if you have the voter buff you will get a 5% extra increase in all stats.

    What are Smoldering Ember Souls?
    -These are items that you can only get from events hosted by GMs, Completing World Boss quests, or obtaining loot from world bosses. You can use these to buy the valuable trinkets I mentioned above, as well as for all Donor upgrade tokens. Even if you don’t have a donor weapon, you can still craft these tokens and sell them from Shiny Platinum boxes which you can then turn into the vendor for upgrades that you may need/want.

    Donor Section

    Thinking about donating? This is the section for you!
    -Donating to our server allows you obtain the best gear currently available, but as a warning, any and all in game purchases are final so make sure you’re careful with what items you buy! Plan ahead to avoid any unnecessary problems.

    Don’t know which items to buy and which are the most beneficial?
    -Personal opinion: Donor Haste 3 Tabard/Shirt are the most valuable donor items to get because they can increase your haste by up to 36,000. 36k haste can increase your DPS by a LOT especially for Melee classes.

    -Runner up to the haste tabards would be the donor buff (for most classes) as this increases your overall stats by 30% and stacks with either the voter buff or the paladin Blessing of the Kings buff.

    -The next priority would be to purchase the donor weapons.

    -Overall, my personal priority is Haste Tabard/Shirt à Donor Buff à Donor Weapon à Donor trinket àDonor gear.
    -If you decide to purchase Donor weapons, make sure to upgrade them as upgrading donor weapons increases the DPS you can do by even more!

    Donor Gear

    Confused about how Donor Gear works?
    -The most basic donor gear you can get is called the “Extreme Set” which is equivalent to Tier 18 regular Non-Donor gear.

    From here, you can upgrade your Extreme set to Dream set, then to Fusion, Blessed, Devilish, Twilight and currently to the final available Donor Set, Crusader.
    Extreme is like Tier 18, Dream is similar to Tier 19, Fusion similar to Tier 20, Blessed similar to Tier 21 and Devilish would be significantly better than t21 regular gear and crusader significantly better than Tier 22 regular gear

    How do you upgrade your gear?
    -Quite simply, you need to complete quests and obtain material just like regular gear, but instead of receiving regular gear you’d be upgrading the better more superior donor gear.
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    Event trinkets?

    You said there were event trinkets which could be purchased with the old raid coins that dropped. The only event trinkets I've seen are the Strikers rune etc that cost 5 embers. where can i find the quest or vendor for the trinkets you're talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by valtara View Post
    You said there were event trinkets which could be purchased with the old raid coins that dropped. The only event trinkets I've seen are the Strikers rune etc that cost 5 embers. where can i find the quest or vendor for the trinkets you're talking about?
    That are the trinkets

    You have Strinker's rune/I and II (Agility)
    You have Berserker's rune/I and II (Strength)
    You have Defender's rune/I and II (Stamina)

    In the past you needed to farm various different coins but nowadays you only need Smoldering Embers soules to complete the quest

    I edited it.

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    and how do you get gold coin from pve ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonica View Post
    and how do you get gold coin from pve ?
    Can't really answer that as no one except 3 from the staff knows how exactly the free gold coin system works. You can get a free gold coin anytime, while chatting in The Barrens or during Warsong Gulch. /shrug. Just keep doing whatever you prefer the most and eventually you'll get a gold coin.

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    Free gold coins, also known as Donation Points can be obtained by being active. As Adoxum said, you can do whatever you prefer the most and eventually you'll get a gold coin.
    Everything that makes you stay active ingame, can in the end, result in a gold coin being awarded to you.
    Here are some examples of stuff you can do:

    PvE Raids (Doing raids, healing, dps and tanking.. Just enjoy the raids and their content)
    PvP (Battleground and Arena. These already require that you're active and some would even say that PvP gives you more gold coins than any other activity)
    Achievements (Farming achievements can be a nice way to spend your time while not being in a raid. Doesn't give much gold coins tho, from my experience)
    Chatting (Being social, talking in the guild, worldchat or whatever can also result in you being rewarded with a gold coin)
    World Bosses (There are world bosses all around the game and slaying these great monsters can also result in a gold coin)
    Events (The staff make events from time to time, like the Zerg Event, Foam Sword Event and many more.. Participating in these is also a way to stay active and earn gold coins)
    World Wide Events (As you probably know, there are some events from retail that the Heroes WoW staff has kept and changed, which you can participate in, when they are release. Easter Event, Christmas Event, Halloween Event and many more.. Doing the quests and whatever they provide you with, can also give you gold coins.

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    This thread has now been edited to fit the new changes made (Item Level) system.
    If you have any reason to believe something needs changing, please place it in the comment section.

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    Does this guide only works in wotlk? cant seem to find where to get me lvl up.

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    Yes, this guide is only for the Unlimited Level 255 Realm. When you make your character, you're spawned in the barrens. Go along the road to Crossroads, you'll find all the mobs to kill to level up to level 255 along the way.

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    Thank you so much for the useful information!

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