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    Frequently asked Questions and Topics

    Please follow the forums rules and post topics in the correct section

    Connection issue:
    -Check internet firewall
    -Check anti-virus program
    -Using the patch and custom wow.exe and not the launcher
    -Cleared your wtf folder
    -Disable your addons
    -Check if you have any missing patches
    -Use your Username to login (not your Email)
    -Make sure your password isn't longer than 16 characters.

    Donation issues:
    Talk with paymentwall support to get this resolved.

    How to Donate:

    Do not believe anyone in game if they ask if you want free gold coins or claim to be Admin if they don't have the HW staff badge before their name. The only way to get them is by donating through the link above or playing pve or pvp content. Report any players ( asking you to follow or sms any link or number you're not familiar with and with a valid screen shot.

    You are allowed to multibox in PvE and as for PvP you are not allowed to do this.

    Server Rules can be found here:

    How to Connect (Wotlk):!!! (for Mac Users)

    Downloads Page:

    Wotlk Realms:
    Unlimited Realm Level 255 high rate Fun Realm with all 3 talent trees with custom PvE content and progression. Working Arenas, professions and Battlegrounds. Around 500+ players online depending on times.

    Fallen Heroes Level 80 high rate Blizzlike Realm with some custom content. x100 rates on xp gain, x10 profession rates, working PvE content and working Battlegrounds and Arenas. Around 20-70+ players online depending on times.

    Fallen Heroes Realm still uses patch 2.0 - Torrent Download: (Extract it into your WoW data folder after downloaded)

    Changelogs for Realms: (Unlimited Level 255 Realm) (Fallen Level 80 Realm)

    How to reset instances:
    /tar [@Player]
    /s .i u all
    /s .i u all

    Druid C bug:
    To fix the druid bug use the following macro...
    /console PlayerStatLeftDropDown Melee
    /console PlayerStatRightDropDown Spell
    /console ReloadUI()
    Or you can download our custom patch


    How To Check A Ban:

    Log into the website ( & click your name where it says "Welcome Back, User"

    How To Appeal A Ban: & Use this Format

    If it says your account is suspended but you are not banned it can be due to you typing your password wrong too many times and triggered our anti-theft system. Wait 10-15 minutes and you can login again.

    Guides section:
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