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    [Fallen] Custom Addons

    Custom Addons

    Icon Fix - This addon will fix most of the ? icons you get(Mostly for Xmogs and some other custom drops). it is purely visual.


    AtlasLoot Enhanced for Fallen Heroes - This is a AtlasLoot update for Fallen's custom content. Currently it features all of our currently released Zul'Gurub bosses loot. We will keep it updated as new bosses are released. It will also contain all the future custom bosses, dungeons, and raids released on Fallen. Thanks to Lovingdeath for the update.


    EDIT: Copied from old Heroes WoW forums. Post originally made by Hawjiki
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    Atlasloot Revamp for the ZG instance.

    If you use Atlasloot, please use the following link to get the latest version:

    If you use Atlasloot in combination with the normal Atlas addon, please use the following link:

    Cheers! - Lovingdeath
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    Well this addon looks useful.

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