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    (Not only) Heroes WoW Guide For Dummies

    Hello guys, I‘m Disbeatle from guild <Fortify> and you also may know me as „That guy with insanely low DPS“, „The guy who unsuccesfully tried to kill me in BG“ or (most probably) you just don‘t know me at all. I played WoW since patch 2.2. and after years of playing all around I landed here, on Heroes WoW. Begginings were pretty hard since there wasn‘t any extended guide explaining what the hell to do with these tons of custom content and how to fit into server‘s daily basis… So yep, I‘m here to change it.

    What‘s this server actually about?

    You haven‘t even logged ingame and there are plenty questions up in your head? Here are some answers:

    Q: This server is supposed to be „customized“. Does it have any affects on a classic WoW playstyle?

    A: Not that much actually. Heroes WoW is a progressive PvP/PvE server which only extends old WotLK content (currently up to Tier 22) based on 3.3.5a game mechanics. The biggest difference is level 255 with all talent trees aviabile and much bigger overall stats.

    Q: There‘s a large space for optional donations. Is there a big gap between donators and non-donators?
    A: There always has to be a gap since you can buy gear for real money. But the difference isn‘t that huge (as lots of people complain about). You still have to spend a time to make your donor gear efficient enough. Basically, fresh donator will always be way more weaker than non-donator, who spent time gearing up.

    Q: Is it worthy creating an account here and start playing?
    A: Yay, be sure ‘bout that!

    Setting up stuff to start playing
    First of all you probably need to solve technical parts of playing here. This consists of: having your game patched up to version 3.3.5a, having Heroes WoW custom patch 2.0 and (of course) being registered here. This all is explained in „How to connect guide“, so I will just skip to next part.

    Creating your character

    You logged in? Congratulations! There is only 1 more thing left to start running across the lands of custom patched Azeroth. It‘s creating your character.
    You can choose from different multiple races and classes displayed above and it‘s up to your own decision which will be your first one. Just remember that every class has its own benefits or negatives and it‘s pretty wise to learn all of them before you start taking the game serious.

    There are also 3 basic roles in WoW and not every class has the essential ability to master all of them. You will also have to choose your role while doing PvE content, so here‘s the list:
    Natural born slayer. Are you here to do tons of damage? You should definitely pick this one.

    Support your local healers. Bring them flowers and care about them, because they care about you while in a raid. Supportive role for those with hearth on right place.

    Do you wish to leave your fight to pick up your pizza and still not die while going for it? Pick a tank. These guys are in the frontlines of every raid and are here for only one obvious reason… To receive damage.

    Do you know your role already? Time to finally choose a class!


    Melee combat specialist. He uses weapons and three different combat stances which allows him to master face to face combat. He uses rage as a resource for his abilities, which loads up based on damage done and received.


    Protector of the weak, righteous justice bringer and #1 enemy of everything evil. He can deal melee damage trough his sacred weapons and abilities or heal his mates trough powerful holy spells. He uses mana as a resource.


    Dangerous on melee range, deadly on ranged combat. These guys were born in wild places and know exactly how to treat their foes. You can also tame a pet as a hunter which fights on your side until his own death. Hunters use mana as a resource.


    Stealthed assassins for which there is nothing sacred. Attacks from behind, vanishing when their death is inevitable and using cruel abilities to confuse their enemies is just a daily basis. Rogues use energy as a resource.


    Casting holy or shadow spells to support your mates or crush your enemies. Devotion to the spiritual and expressing faith can be both deadly or helpful in every battle. As a Priest you have to use mana as a resource for your abilities.

    Death Knight

    Former servants of Lich King now standing in front lines against him and his crimes commited on innocent. Bold warriors born as Scourge elite are now protecting humanity with unholy melee combat skills. Death Knights use runic power and multiple runes as a resource for abilities.


    Brave, wise and courageous spiritual leaders of their tribes. Shamans use mostly elemental magic and totems to enhance their friends or to annihilate all dangers. Shamans use mana as a resource.


    Years of studying in chambers of Kirin Tor has made every single mage running across land a deadly weapon. Using fire, frost and arcane magic spells brings them great opportunity to generate insanely high amounts of damage unless they are silenced or dead. Mages use mana as a resource.


    Master of everything connected with demons. As other heroes see only death in demonical powers, warlock see opportunity. Since that finding the right balance between good and bad will be always overhelmed by desire for greater power. Warlocks use mana as a resource and can control demons which will fight for them.


    Wise protector of balance and nature. Shapeshifting into different forms just fits every required situation and if there‘s a problem with powers of evil, druid will probably solve it. Druid use both mana and rage/energy as a resource based on a form they are currently in.

    Leveling up
    Do you have that weird feeling in your stomach after you hit the „Enter world“ button for the first time? Sure you have! So let‘s begin with the adventure right now. First of all you should get used to your current interface, which is pretty nice explained in basic WoW client, so I will just skip this part. Just go along the way you appeared on and start killing hostile mobs as you reach them. Leveling on Heroes WoW is pretty fast and easy to understand.It is wise to hit creatures all around with your AoE (Area of Effect) spells while trying to survive.

    As time and your levels go on, you receive talent points (which can be spend by pressing „N“) and new abilities (press „P“). You can also buy some free gear with only level preconditions, which helps you to get better and hit/survive more. At level ~150 you get to Crossroads, where you meet Turk the Murloc, who offers you experience gain boosted gear for Clams (these drop from mobs you just killed).

    It takes just a few minutes to get to your max level (255)... But presumption that the game is over and the only upcoming part are subtitles with names of game creators (which everyone skip, shame on you!) is just totally wrong. Get your stuff done, we‘re going for a loong ride!

    After you hit 255 you should probably choose between a way of PvP player or PvE. As lots of players tend to count PvP as top-end bussiness, I will just tell you more about the PvE.


    First of all, you should really get your proffessions done (you can have up to 4 professions on a single character instead of classic 2 on Heroes WoW, did you know that?), it takes just a few minutes and the result is just huge.
    To make that, just use the teleporter „Dejamoo“ to Profession zone, find your trainers and start skilling up. Here‘s the list of must-have professions:


    Glyphs are very similar to major talent points, the difference is that not everyone has them. Do you want to count yourself as a good player? Use ‘em!

    Do you know who walks on water? Jesus, Shamans, Death Knights and a smart guys with alchemy. This and lots of more can be done with simple flasks and potions.


    Even a small difference can have a huge outcome. I will get to this part in a section below.

    Various enchantments
    You can always boost yourself up a little bit by using enchantments on your gear parts. Simple enchantments are unfortunately still made up as for lvl 80 characters, so the actual boost isn‘t that high. But few of them can give you pretty nice advantage (for instance it‘s threat boost for tanks, minor run speed on boots, etc.).

    Everything changes when it comes to speak about gems. For low geared characters, there are meta gems (remember that every meta gem has % boost instead of specific value) and +5 to all resistances Prismatic gems, which adjust your overall survivability a lot and also activate the meta gem.

    There are also custom gems with increased stats aviabile. You can exchange them for Shiny Platinum Boxes or hope that gods of drop chance are with you during any T19 raid or higher.

    Getting an actual gear
    Here comes the biggest difference between a casual kitten dressed in paper shoes and a killing machine. You can obtain your gear from donation or by getting loot from regular bosses. In both ways you will have to upgrade it to get even better.
    Always remember to set up your role strictly and obtain only the gear that you need for it. For instance it‘s pretty dumb to equip strengh/agility gear as a Restoration (healer) Shaman. If you don‘t know most useful stats for your class and specialization, just nicely ask someone

    Most of the time, you will start with T6 gear, which is for free once you get to level 255, from now on you have to start doing raids to get better. Whole list of raids is written in PvE cheat sheet by Jamtags. Just remember that once you get to Vault of Archavon (T15), you don‘t only need a specific token to get your gear, you will also need a previous piece of gear and upgrade it.

    Aye, even here you can become a bizilionare. Just let me show you, what are the things that make the local economics working.


    Well, you can farm these and buys some pretty nice gear used for XP boost or mounts. But afterall, value of this currency is almost zero and it‘s definitely not used between players.


    First thing that you find during your adventure on Heroes WoW. You can exchange these for XP boost items and for some transmogs. These are also traded amongst players sometimes.

    Shiny Platinum Boxes

    Shiniees! This is the real currency with value. You can farm these since you get to Zul‘Gurub (T17) and are really worthy.

    Smoldering Ember Souls

    Soulbound, but still precious. Farming of these can be made trough GM hosted events or by killing world bosses. Most of the worthy gear can be also bought and upgraded by these.

    Silver Coins

    You get 5 soulbound Silver Coins for each vote via website (guide how to do this is right HERE). In exchange for your dedication to server you can buy stuff that can‘t be obtained in any other way. For instance it is Voter‘s Buff (+15% stats), it‘s kinda worthy, huh? If you want to check your actual amount of Coins, write .coin into your chat.

    Gold Coins

    The most valuable currency in whole game. You can obtain Gold Coins only by donating or just wait when a single coin pops into your inventory while playing. These are soulbound, so you can‘t really send it to someone else. And what you can get for it? You‘re right, it‘s the donor gear.

    Ahh, sou you are the skilled one now, right? Wanna get even more? Here are just a few tips and tricks, which should help you a bit

    1. Are you good with your class already? Try out the others!

    Do you think that you learned every single ability, glitch and weaknesses of your class, but still can‘t get any better? The true power of being a good player is the knowledge of whole game and its mechanics. Maybe try out a completely different class, learn something about it and return to your old one later.

    2. Learn to love your keybindings and macros

    This is the real gapcloser between pros and casual players. Start up with the simple ones (both macros and bindings) and keep up your job until you start binding even your food.

    3. Make your UI nice and stylish, but still simple

    Getting too much stuff around to disturb your attention is just not right. Try to click your AddOns menu, look on every single one and give yourself a question „Do I really need this?“. I understand that having 4 maps with a Hello Kitty design is just supercool… But… Oh, I think you got it now now.

    4. Learn from others

    This is just simple. Getting upset from lost duel? Maybe try something different next time! But yeah, that guy who killed you is definitely a total nolifer.

    5. Start communicating

    Voicechat isn‘t everything. You can make understand each other only trough ingame chat. Just tell others about your decisions in BG or Raid group, even simple buffing can be complicated if none of you can write.

    6. Be kind to each other

    Well, this part isn‘t that much about skill, but as tips on loading screen say „Kindness can go a long way“. Just being nice to others should get you invited in raids or even guilds.

    This is all for now. If you have any concerns, questions or just disagree with me, feel free to reply in this thread or PM me ingame. Thank you if you got his far while reading this thread and I hope that it helped atleast one lost newbie. I'm also sorry for grammar mistakes, english is unfortunately not my native language.

    See ya ingame!
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    Great guide.

    - - - Updated - - -

    - Added Sticky thread.

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    Thanks I will use this

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    As someone who stopped playing when Cataclysm got released, I think I couldn't find a more useful and complete guide to start from 0.

    Thanks a lot man

    Nice serv btw

    IG : Babeurre

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    i choose this thread because it says "for dumies"
    because i want to ask something very basic.. "where can i buy bags ?"
    can not fid it anywhere in the mall and auctions

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