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    Forum Account Registration

    With the release of the new forums, we would like to explain how the registration system works.

    For existing Heroes WoW accounts.
    In order to successfully link your in-game account with a new forum account, you will have to firstly login on the Heroes WoW website (with your in-game credentials. Upon entering your website account, you will be automatically asked to create a new forum account using your current in-game username.

    After entering the desired password and clicking the Create button, a forum account will be created and a confirmation message will be displayed. You will now be able to successfully log on the forums with the new created account.

    If, by any reason, when asked to create a forum account, you will leave the form, you can always create a forum account by visiting the account panel on the Heroes WoW website ( Woltk or MoP ) and clicking on the Create Forum Account option from the right side list of options.

    You will be then redirected to the previous Create Forum Account form, where you can complete the registration.

    For new Heroes WoW accounts
    When registering a new Heroes WoW account on either Wotlk or MoP, a forum account will be automatically created with the same username and password as the in-game account. No further steps are required in order to successfully create a forum account on the Heroes WoW Forums.


    1. I have a heroes wow account on both MoP and Wotlk. Which one do I use?
    2. Forum accounts are unique based on the email. If both your Wotlk and MoP accounts share the same email address, the first time you complete the forum registration form will determine which account name will be used on the forums. So if you will firstly log on the Wotlk website with the in-game account “testwotlk”, you will have the “testwotlk” as your forum account name.

    1. How do i change my forum account password?
    2. You can change your forum account password from this page: . You must be logged in in order to access the link.

    1. I have forgotten my forum account password. What do I do now?
    2. Currently you can reset your forum account password by visiting this page: . Please note that ( right now ) when resetting your in-game password you will not reset your forum account password. A future update will be added shortly in order to provide this functionality.
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