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    Every class has their own way of supporting, some more than others. Like hunters, are considered a supporting class, with their xbow, same with rogues and their offhand fist. I would say, if you wanna compare yourself to someone else, compare yourself to either a hunter or a rogue, with same kind of gear as yourself.
    The way I mention them as a supporting class, is that they can support other dps classes to make a much greater dps. Look at Jantuck's comment, saying that from his experience, he gets 600k-900k extra dps, from Curse of Elements. That is a significant increase, which adds to the overall damage done by the raid, and from that you can basically say, that those 600k-900k damage are thanks to the warlock. But yeah, each class support the raid in different ways, some more than others. Same can be put into the AoE parts of the raids, which I often see in Karazhan, that mages and priests can increase their dps by millions, just due to the warlock's Curse of Element. Again, this extra damage is only added because the warlock is there, so if you want, you can say that this overall extra dps should belong to the warlock, since they are the ones that supported the others, so they could make it.

    You say you're doing 40-60min a day, optimizing your rotation by training on dummies, which I find kinda odd. Training dummies can be nice to train, see how you perform against the specific standards for the raids, but when you're in the actual raid, it's a lot different than what you do on the dummies. It's kinda like dummies is the theory, while raids and dungeons are pratice.

    The reason why the amount of warlocks on the server is low, is due to a change in the rotation, which made a lot of players kind stop playing them. This happened more than 8 months ago I think, I'm not quite sure, but since then people have not been interested in playing warlocks. Same happened to priests about a year ago I think it was, but since priest was the main of many people, they kinda got back to it, when they learned the rotation.

    To address your more personal stuff now, regarding feeling like I'm talking to you like you have a negative IQ, I can only say I've been talking like I would in any other case, I'm not making any kind of personal attack or trying to call you guys out like you're not in position of having a positive IQ. I'm explaining and replying, that's all.

    And to say the last thing, about be addressing it as a support class. There are no specific area, for which a term like support class can be reserved for, like you say it's only for PvP. With how this server is setup, with what the classes and the items can provide us with, there is more to raiding, than just being a dps, tank and healer. There is also offhealer, main healer, main tank and offtank, as well as support dps/class and main dps / damage puller.

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    in after shitstorm
    tldr please buff warlocks

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    Support class? Warlock has 3 talent trees all based around doing dps, it's one of only 4 classes who can only fill one role in a raid. It definitely isn't a support class.

    Druid on the other hand can be melee dps, tank, caster dps and healer. It's talent trees only feed into one another as far as raw scaling from base stats pretty much.

    No idea where you get the idea that a warlock should be a support class from. Just because it is in a weak state on heroes doesn't mean that's how it *should* be. Hence the whole debate. Warlock has arguably the most intensive dps rotation of any class and frankly feels completely unrewarding for the effort you put in. You can sink $300 on full donor slots, try harder than anyone else in the raid and still hit the bottom 5 on dps, that's assuming everyone else in the raid has a brain. Or you can sink $300 on an enhance shaman or warrior and right click the boss and be rewarded with top 5. I know what many players would end up doing. It really isn't even about needing best in slot gear, as he mentions in the first post it's simply a numbers game, people love to defend something they clearly have no idea about and put it to lack of skill/bad evidence but fact is pyro hits for about 2-3x more than soulfire, and leaves a dot which ticks for about as much as UA and a second dot that ticks for as much as corruption if not slightly more. All on one keypress. The only thing you need to track is living bomb, and even a Mage who doesn't even bother with living bomb can out dps a warlock doing full dps rotation. That's when you know there's a real issue, not to mention Mage having amazing survivability, utility and cooldowns through double ice block, arcane power, mirror images - and to top it off they have the best aoe in the game.


    warlock : 3 talent trees for pure dps, fiddliest class on the server. You can't even use pets on some bosses."hard" rotation, unrewarding dps, terrible aoe. Summon utility is gone because of kara portal, CoE is great but it's not enough, nobody else is punished on their personal dps for having unique raid buffs and debuffs.

    Mage: 3 dps talent trees, tops meters on single target and aoe. Presses 1/2 buttons and is rewarded. Unbelievable utility and cds.

    Druid: 1 caster dps tree, out dps' warlocks on single and aoe, has combat res, can swap to offhealing mid fight in the same gear. Presses half the amount of buttons as a warlock. Is rewarded.

    Not sure what else I can say.. warlocks simply need some basic damage number buffs, ideally swap some pet damage over to player abilities so on bosses where pets can bug the mechanics / wipe raids they aren't so harshly punished. Keep the rotation as it is, it's actually very enjoyable and interactive it is just unrewarding and feelsbad when you get destroyed by someone who right clicked the boss then went to get a delivery from the pizza guy mid fight and still doubled your damage
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    I don't know why people don't like to have a warlock in the raid Group. Warlocks boost spell Power by a huge amount = better heals and better damage by all spell damage dealer classes.

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    Should've used mages to make the difference even larger. I'll make a serious post in Suggestions about warlocks soon, similar to my previous ones.


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