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    [Unlimited] EasyiLvL - H WoW

    EasyiLvL - H WoW

    EasyiLvL is an addon for HeroesWoW, Unlimited. It is made up of an amount of features of showing item levels which each provide additional functionality, and can be enabled or disabled individually. EasyiLvL has just about every feature you can think of showing your/other player(s) item level.

    • Item level at your character panel (C)
    • Item level at your equiped pieces
    • Item level at your inspectingpanel (inspecting a character)
    • Tooltip with item level ( need to be in inspect range and friendly targets only)
    • Raid names / Tier level in the tooltip
    • List up all your item levels per character
    • Ignore characters (hides them from the total list)
    • Minimap icon
    • Sort the list of chars by name/item level - sort reverse
    • List of required item levels per instance


    If you have suggestions for the addon please leave a message behind and maybe your suggestion will be implemented!

    Please report all bugs that occur, some addons might not work in this current state.


    Download link 1
    Mirror download link


    Version: V2
    Release date: 21-09-2017

    Hover menu

    - EasyiLvL has been modified to EasyiLvL H WoW

    Required item level menu:

    - Updated to Ulduar
    - Showing required item level in red but (Master Key) in green when you have a Master Key.
    - This option is automatically enabled you can turn it on in the Config (Interface) and in the menu itself, the Show Menu.
    - When you click on the required item level it will show in your chat how many levels you need more.

    - Tooltip updated to Ulduar (above 5700 showing Ulduar) and/or T23
    - RFC+ has been modified to RFC-ToC
    - T20+ has been modified to T20-T22

    Show menu
    - Added: Show Master Key, explained above. HUD msg(in red and will fade out after 5 seconds) will appear at your screen to reopen the menu.
    - Showing item level behind character name automatically enabled (for first use/download)
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