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    Zerg Invasion Event Guide

    Zerg Invasion - Event Guide by Professor Monkeyz™


    I have recently decided to start a new sequence of guides with which I'm hoping you can get a better understanding of the events currently going on around
    Heroes' Unlimited realm.

    Today we'll try to cover up the most important bits of the
    Zerg Invasion Event.

    Step by step

    • First thing you'll wish to do as you arrive in Azshara Crater is find Thor.

    • He will give you a quest asking you to bring back to him a copy of Zergling's Invasion Plans in order to stop the attack.

    • Now that you're all set up and ready to go, you have to start hunting Zerglings around Azhara until one of them will eventually drop the plans. That could happen after the first kill or after the 100th, but in the end have no doubt, you will get your prize.

    • Keep in mind that each Zergling has a respawn time of roughly 5 mins.
    • Once you obtain the plans and the mission is over you ought to return to Thor.

    • After you cash in your prize, the event is over for you and you can now either help other people out or chill around until the GM holding the event calls it over!

    Have fun and Keep fighting off those feisty zergs!

    Compliments to Moose™ for the aid offered towards the development of this guide!
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    I like it, good work.

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