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    Maze Event Guide

    Maze - Event Guide by Professor Monkeyz™


    Next up in the guides of events list is the infamous
    Maze Event. I will not give you a walkthrough of it for obvious reasons, but I will however hand you a couple tips just so you know what you are up against and for when you will actually race around it, to know whether you are going in the right direction or not.

    What do you have to know?

    • At the beginning of the event, all maze runners will be summoned in a dungeon-like environment from where they will have to progressively ascend through different levels towards the finish line.

    • Spread around the whole event zone, players will encounter various speed boosts, ice traps and even stun slaps, all made to make the race more entertaining and unpredictable.

    • The 2nd part of the event is held one level above in what seems to be a large twisty green garden with vibrant blue glass floor and ceiling.

    • Just when you'll start thinking that everything is getting too easy, you might experience the cracks in the glass floor that if you will fail to see in time, will get you behind in the race, one level below.

    • The 3rd part of the maze takes place in a crowded forest, filled with bushes and cracks you'll have to avoid in order to have a chance at finishing the race.

    • Finally, after you've managed to escape the confusing forest, all you have remaining to do before sitting on the winner's throne is one final push around a deceitful jumping track.

    Good luck and hopefully soon enough... Congratulations!

    Compliments to Moose™ for the aid offered towards the development of this guide!
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