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    Foam Sword Brawl Event Guide

    Foam Sword Brawl - Event Guide by Professor Monkeyz™


    Although already covered before, there was no doubt that the next event up in the series of guides had to be the
    Foam Sword Brawl Event.
    As usual, we'll try to discuss the basics of this fight in a step by step guide.

    What do you have to do?

    • First thing you'll need to do as you arrive at the tournament's location is obtain a Foam Sword. [Right Click]-ing the sword rack after the GMs summon it will do just that.

    • Now that you have it, all that stands between you and bonking is equipping it. You can do so by dragging it to a weapon slot or by [Right Click]-ing it.

    • In order to start bonking, you'll have to also drag the weapon in an action slot so that you have a convenient key bind to use.

    • It's now time for the GMs to call it a fight. Retreat to the side of the arena, make sure everything is set up and you have the ON GUARD! buff on and wait for the actual start to be given!

    • After this point all you have to do is run around, bonk other people and try not to get bonked yourself. A bonked player will receive a Bonked! debuff per each hit. Once he stacks 3 debuffs, he loses the fight.

    • As you're probably expecting, last man standing wins the battle! Prizes are however awarded to all top 3 finishers.

    Enjoy bonkin' & dodgin'!

    Compliments to Moose™ for the aid offered towards the development of this guide!
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    Thanks for another great guide!

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