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    How to Sanc... for dummies - by Monkeyz

    How to Sanc... for dummies by Professor Monkeyz™

    Welcome to today's
    "for dummies" guide!

    The topic we are going to approach is the all mighty and infamous
    "Greater Blessing of Sanctuary".
    "What is it?", "Why does it help us?" and "How can we gift it?" are just three of the questions we will attempt to find answers to in this guide.

    The Blessing

    The Blessing of Sanctuary or the Greater Blessing of Sanctuary is a buff given by Paladins to their fellow faction or party colleagues. It is meant to protect them from external damage as well as increase their stats by a tiny bit while doing so. The buff will reduce all damage taken by 3% and will increase the receiver's strength and stamina by 10%.

    Unlike its lesser variant which lasts only 10 mins and affects only one target, the Greater Blessing of Sanctuary lasts 30 mins and affects all raid members of a specific class. However, in order to be able to cast the latter of the two, paladins will require a reagent, a Symbol of Kings.

    Step by step

    • First of all, target your group members!

    • Make sure you're in range of the noob you're trying to buff.
    • Click or tap or push the action bar hotkey that is responsible of casting the ability.

    • Observe that the pleb is now buffed.

    • Repeat for all other classes available in your party/raid group.


    • If plebs die, they will require a new buff.

    Have fun and keep buffin' them "SANC SANC, SANC ME PLEZ" beggers!

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    good guide.

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