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    Hrm my donations have never asked for a photo copy.

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    They might ask it for credit card fraud, seen it in many cases but it is up to you if you want to send it or not. We cannot assist you with this at all. If you would like to donate and you're having issues only way to solve this is to obey their request.

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    yeah i dont understand why they cant just use paypal

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    Quote Originally Posted by saltytit View Post
    yeah i dont understand why they cant just use paypal
    because long ago there were many issues with people getting there coins and then requesting a refund for there money while they still had the GC in there account.

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    there's a specific reason why we do not use PayPal: they do not support private servers, and they instantly ban any accounts proven to be related to private servers owners and freeze the balance. Happened many times in the past. Also, believe me when saying that the amount of charge-backs happening on PayPal when used for private servers is insanely high, as we can not prove that the user actually received his goods as there are no goods involved - just rewards for donating. PaymentWall, as a company, is a reliable payment-gate, used by most of the private servers or companies that want to reach a great audience, as they support most of the countries and payment methods worldwide.

    Keep in mind that we can not fix anything if they actually ask for a proof of the bank account ownership - if they suspect anything is wrong , they are allowed via their ToS to ask for further information regarding the transaction.

    We do understand that this is an inconvenience.
    Quote by Osiris in a different thread regarding almost the same issue. Just so people are clear on why we use paymentwall and to answer their questions regarding paymentwall asking for certain things.
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