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    I vote every day and i dont get any silver coin i only have 3 gold coin i rly dont know what i can do .

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    You have to be redirected from voting sites back to Heroes WoW to finish the voting process and get rewarded silver coins.

    After you vote, click on the server name and link to be redirected.

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    And make sure you are using google chrome to vote with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenuks View Post
    And make sure you are using google chrome to vote with.
    Yes any other browser it wont work

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    i use chrome and i cannot vote
    whats the problem with the voting system?

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    Voting is currently down for everyone, its due to mop being closed and when you had to vote you had to pick either mop or wotlk to be redirected so now since that happened, the website needs to be updated. It will most likely be announced in the news section when voting is back up.
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