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    Sacred Cleansing OP

    • Topic Title: Spell or Talent name

    Sacred Cleansing

    • Suggestion:

    Fix it or disable it

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      If I'm playing a spellcaster vs a pala who has less than 200-300 resist, he can use his dispell once to gain this buff and resist 70% of my spells even though I sit at 800 spell penetration. Not just that, but if I'm playing a warlock and he resists my fear, the spell goes on him still and affects DR, but he can still attack me. Same goes for sheep as a mage.
      Hopefully this is not intended to work like this and you should look into this asap.

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    The talent, Sacred Cleansing, cannot be countered by anything. It affects the "hit chance" of Disease, Magic and Poison effects. No ammount of spell penetration can go through it.

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