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    Server closing ? for Admin/Dev only

    i want to ask what is wrong with server
    i log back after some months and i see max 25-30 people on.
    Non of the old guilds on server.5 days on server i manage to find 3 partys for ZG dungeons only....
    all the solo dungeons and the lower the 21tier transmog dungeons are disappear
    no events like Halloween (all other servers & games have already start)...
    after that i see the Dungeons are fully unlocked not exept the high tier....
    By my opion,that sucks cuz most of the players here in past spend many hours till they find a proper raid party to make the quest or to find the key for the next dungeon.....not to mention the people who pay 50$ to buy the Master key.
    Idk what come in your head guys(admins & devs) but you act like you shit for your players...
    No offence and sorry for my english
    This Post is only for gm/admin/dev eyes

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    I'm online right now and lots of people are playing. Maybe you're just online during the hours of which most people are sleeping? (From 2am to 6am server time). I just did a quick look around on a few guilds, and I can see that many of the guilds has +10 players online, even a few with +20. So, I don't see how you can only make it to about 20-30 people.
    There are lots of raids happening all the time, for all raids. Right now that I'm online, I see raids for Karazhan, Ragefire Chasm, ZG, Zul Aman, SH, Naxxramas, Molten Core and Black Temple. These are all searching, so there are probably like twice as many raids going on, that are already full.
    Regarding how you progress in the PvE content, your access to the raids is based upon your item level of your gear, so that is why you in some cases are able to enter raids above your current tier, it's not like all the raids has been opened up, it's just the access requirements that has been changed (For the better if you ask me.)

    The Halloween Event you mention is under way, the developers are finishing it up and it's planned to be released soon. Like you said, other server has already released theirs, but it's not like there is a certain period of time when this kind of event should take place. It's different from server to server.

    Overall, I see the staff doing an amazing job at evolving the content of the server, making new raids and content that can provide a lot of fun to those who play here.

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