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Thread: Gou's Warrior

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    Gou's Warrior

    This is not a warrior guide

    This is just me sharing what I've learned about how to warrior in Unlimited Heroes WoW Wotlk
    I've learned this from the forum here too before, but since it was gone and one of my friends need a warrior tips and trick, then might as well I wrote this thread

    Hope this share can help u as well,
    Kudos to u.

    Stance for dps : Berserker Stance
    I used Berserker Stance all the time, never changed into other stances, cos I might lose the momentum of the rotation if I change stances. And also, life is too short to change stances

    Glyphs for dps :
    Major Glyphs that I used - Glyph of Shockwave, Glyph of Cleaving, Glyph of Execution
    Minor Glyphs that I used - Glyph of Battle, Glyph of Command, Glyph of Bloodrage

    Rotation Priority for dps :
    Shockwave > Execute > Whirlwind > Bloodthirst > Slam

    now for tips and tricks :

    make these macros

    after you finished with your macro, you see your usual action bar?

    now if you still have default keybinding, then pressing Shift-2 will switch your action bar into this

    and to go back into action bar 1, you just need to press Shift-1

    next put these macros you just made above into like this exact position in each action bars

    for your information, Heroic strike is an action that doesn't share global cooldown with other spells, it activate on "next melee attack" same as Cleave. Cleave also activate on "next melee attack". Thus I personally separate them into those 2 action bar, and use it in different occasion either in single target or aoe

    and as you can already figure out how to use it, on single target do the priority on the rotation in action bar 1 (in Shift-1 action bar). And for mobs do the priority on rotation in action bar 2 (in Shift-2 action bar)

    Next, about proc and chances,
    whenever Shockwave is ready, you always have to use Shockwave right away, it is the best damage dealer for you, even when u are single targeting

    When Shockwave in cds, then you have to always do Execute whenever Execute is available no matter what

    Shockwave/Execute in cds, then use Whirlwind but still always look for opportunity to Execute it procs a lot

    Shockwave/Execute/Whirlwind in cds, then use Bloodthirst but still always look for opportunity to Execute

    Shockwave/Execute/Whirlwind/Bloodthirst in cds, then use Slam. But there is a note here, you know slam got a free instant proc too, but I usually IGNORE it cos, Slam is definitely only a dump when all the priority is in cds.

    that's pretty much the basics of how I do my warrior, any other vancy stuff is yours to figure

    Best Regards,

    <Haste and Hurrious>

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    Very good guide to start with, thing to note is this is in no way the best rotation for warriors. A good place to start your class and expand your learning. Clever usage of hot bar 1 to be HS and hot bar 2 to be Cleave. I do the exact same thing, except I suggest using shift-Mouse Scroll, it is quicker and leaves shift-1 and shift-2 to be free for other keybinds. Stance dancing is mandatory for good dps as a warrior for single and especially for aoe. One thing to note is that the Sudden Death procs and the Bloodsurge procs are better than the plain ability. After use of the proc you only have a .5 (I believe, I don't know the actual number but it is much less than the normal gcd 1.5) gcd. Aka more abilities in the same amount of gcds aka more dps.

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    Wow this is gonna help me a bunch cause I always use this class.

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