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    [Outdated] For MAC Users ONLY !!!


    We have created an additional patch for Mac users to be able to play on our Wotlk realms and enjoy our custom features the patch brings with it.

    Download this patch(Patch-6) and place it in the Data folder together with the other patches the server has and replace your and add the __MACOSX folder.

    Download link for patch 6:!Z6B1kIgQ!7KvC5kzQT...5EpnRBfhZ6d_dw

    All patches can be downloaded from here :

    You will need to have the following patches :
    The one I`m providing : Patch-6
    The Main Patch : Heros WoW Patch 2.0
    and this : Item Enchant Patch 1.7

    With all patches, your Data folder should look like this :

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    Heroes WoW Member Hafla's Avatar
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    Nov 2017
    I did all of the above, and my data folder looks exactly like yours, excepts when i try to open the file it gives me this message "The application “Wow” can’t be opened." any idea why this is happening?

    EDIT: Okay so i managed to fix this with terminal commands, and turned it into an executable file, however when i open it, it will show a black screen and crash at some point.
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    Tomorrow will you be on discord ? In the morning server time if so i will assist you

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    Heroes WoW Member bramty's Avatar
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    Dear chrispee,

    i tried to install your patch on my mac it shows up as a rar file and when i place it in my folders nothing has been changed.
    I always crash in 3 specific raids MC, ZG and RFC those are the main raids i crash when i want to enter the raid. Some people told me i could fix it with the .i u all fix. the leader had to type 2 times .i u all but sometimes this fix doesnt work.
    Can you please help me

    PS: ingame name Tharali


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    Tested many times my files happens some times yes but if you close the game will get fixed and before entering a raid wait a few seconds and then enter

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    Heroes WoW Member bramty's Avatar
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    I think i made the files work, they arent rar anymore but i did my first ulduar yesterday and now i cant see my currency you get in ulduar . is there any fix
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    For ulduar make sure you have its patch-9

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    Heroes WoW Member bramty's Avatar
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    Normally the patch9 is in my folder but still have no idea if it works . still have to test it out

    edit: the patch works i can see the debuff i get in ulduar ... my last question is : i downloaded the only for mac files and you say i have to replace the wow.exe one so i did and that i have to add the macosx map... but i already have an macosx map do i have to replace it or rename it and add it?
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    You need to download patch-4 too bro the big patch

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    I downloaded the mac client again today after quiting for a few months. But I need to replace the file and I need patch 9, cant find them anywhere on the website. Can you give me a link to these files Chris? Thanks in advance

    Edit: I found the patch 9, didnt know it was the same as the enchant patch

    Edit 2: Fenuks gave me this fabulous link that works, so incase someone has the same problem this works!!BPJChCCK!oBGpLQX_t...dm70TDIMrDrnDw
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