Greetings, MoP players.

Today we bring sad news. We have had to make the decision to shutdown our MoP realm due to low population.

Players who donated on our MoP realms will be able to transfer their gold coins, spent or unspent, to our Wotlk realms within the next 5 days.
We require your following information to be able to successfully transfer your gold coins:
- Old MoP account name that you donated on.
- New Wotlk account name.(If you already have an account you name that and if you do not, you create a new account and name that account once created).

Make your thread in the Private message to staff section so your information remain safe and follow the format provided below. You will have until the 19th December 23:59 PM to make your thread for us to transfer your gold coins.

I want my gold coins transferred from my old MoP account:
I want my gold coins transferred to my new Wotlk account:
On behalf of the Heroes WoW staff, we want to thank you for playing on our MoP realm and your support. We also thank our GM's for sticking with us to help our players. We apologize it had to come down to this.