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    Feral druid Tank Buffs

    So I have been playign feral druid tank for some time now, but it is not working the way it is supposed to I am using my 3 minute cooldown, at 3 minutes every time but DK is using his death gripping ability and just taking mya ggro? what? where is Feral Grip? it could throw like leaves at the target and grip it towards me? I believe this would be something to look into as feral druid tanks are obviously the best tanks on heroes wow but needs to have some of their abilities changed

    Thanks in advance

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    think this is something all druids have been in need off. most say its a good idea

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    Great idea +1 Devs give this man a medal!

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    Druid Tanking has been kinda not viable for the past 2 years almost now. It has something to do with the via certain stats affect the tanking, which can make them waaaaay too overpowered. I'm sure the staff is thinking of possible ways to fix this, and hopefully along with the revamp, make druid tank viable again.

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