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    upgrade token for donor haste shirt and tabard

    i the past i've gotten myself a lll shirt and a ll tabard. now i feel like getting the lll tabard but dont want to pay full price to get the last upgrade. so i suggest it should be possible to upgrade your tabard for a certain amount of gold coins.
    if the upgrade is between 30 and 40 then payin like 15 for an upgrade.
    would be the same as with donor wep upgrade.

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    I agree with this but it's that way for a reason so that you're more inclined to buy it rather than farm playtime and get free upgrades on Best in Slot item for melee class, I had the same idea for the donor trinket that was scaled to half and the cost was half and was Bind to account until you upgraded it and then it was bound to your character

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    I agree with this, that there should be a way of upgrading those items instead of being bound to pay full price for a new one.
    Kinda like this example (Prices are not the actual ones):

    Donor Item I: 10gc
    Donor Item II: 20gc
    Donor Item III: 30gc

    Upgrade Price:
    Donor Item I -> II: 15gc
    Donor Item II -> III: 15gc

    That way, people will be able to upgrade their items, but the server will still experience a profit from people having to pay a bit extra than the different in the price between the ranks.

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