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    [Unlimited] - PvP Features Releases

    There will be a few PvP features releases in the following weeks, all displayed in this thread. They are part of the Revamp (Part 1).

    All the PvP features will be released in waves.

    Below is the list of the released PvP features, and the date when they were released.

    08.01.2018 - PvP quests have been added. You can find the NPC spawned, in the mall, near the Arena Battlemaster and Organizers.
    At the NPC you can find various type of quests. Static quests with fast objectives but small rewards, which are daily. And Daily changing quests with the same objectives as the Static ones, but take longer to finish but bigger rewards.

    • Static Quests
      • There are 4 Static Quests
      • They can be completed once a day and reset daily
      • Offer small rewards

    • Daily Changing Quests
      • They are the upgraded Static quests
      • They change daily
      • Only 2 of them are present each day, one to kill 50 players of 4 class types, and one at random of the other 3 types
      • They offer bigger rewards than the Static quests

    13.01.2018 -
    Added an Arena Top NPC. You can find the NPC spawned, in the mall, near the Arena Battlemaster and Organizers. At this NPC you can see the top Arena teams in 2v2 and 3v3, and the top players in Solo 3v3 arenas and 1v1 Wargames.

    11.06.2018 - Added a 3v3 Rated Solo Queue system, where you can create a personal team, which will replace the 5v5 Team (the 5v5 Teams got removed, and will not work now), and you will be able to queue for Rated 3v3 Arenas without a team, and be put into a team with players similar of your 3v3 Rated Solo Queue's personal rating.
    - Added an Arena Spectator NPC, from which you will be able to spectate an active arena game.
    - Both features are available from two NPCs spawned in the mall in the PvP section.
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