Hello Heroes!

I would like to suggest that we make it possible to upgrade items like "Donor Haste Tabard/Shirt I" to "Donor Haste Tabard/Shirt II". It is at this moment possible to only upgrade the "Donor Tabard/Shirt" and "Voter Tabard/Shirt" through quests, which I find nice, as these items are providing stats instead of pure haste.
Anyway, these items has for many caused anger due to people not known entirely, that they cannot upgrade these. They are being confused by the fact that some "Donor Tabard/Shirt" is upgradable, while other isn't.

I know that the difference in this matter, is that "Donor Haste Tabard/Shirt" is that these are not meant to be upgraded through raidings and quests. So I would like to suggest this with an example made from the following item:

Donor Haste Tabard I: 15gc
Donor Haste Tabard II: 30gc
Donor Haste Tabard III: 40gc

This item has a difference in price, depending on rank of 15gc and 10gc.
Therefore I would like to suggest that we make it possible to do the following:

Upgrade "Donor Haste Tabard I" to "Donor Haste Tabard": 20gc
Upgrade "Donor Haste Tabard II" to "Donor Haste Tabard III": 15gc

Using this method will make it possible for people to upgrade their items, if they either made a wrongful purchase or if they didn't have enough gc from the start. This suggestion will help the members of Heroes WoW to repair their wrongful purchase or help them improve as they earn money to buy upgrades. The positive sides of this suggestion will include:
- Less anger from wrongful purchase
- More members being able to progress as they earn money to effort upgrades
- Less complains about the "No Refund" policy
- More friendly progress system for non donors.

I hope you'll consider this suggestion, as it has been addressed many times and it will continue this way, if something isn't done to change it.

If you got any comments, suggestions of how to apply this to other items or another angle of how to solve this problem, leave a comment below and don't forget to vote!