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Thread: Skill Change

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    Skill Change

    My suggestion is that Seal of Command be changed in how its mechanics work.
    Reasoning why it should be added / changed:
    It is currently set to hit the primary target and up to 2 additional targets, this was ideally what a paladin was supposed to use in retail doe aoe dps on trash mobs. However, this being a custom server, tanking trash mobs in instances like kara, there is a lot more enemies than in normal situations, this really narrows down the dps selection for kara groups to aoe specialists like mage, priest, druid, ect. Paladins are limited to consecration and relying on divine storm to aoe, which in scale is nowhere near close to mage dps from flamestrike spamming. Paladins only use seal of command/vengeance on the server no matter what the situation is, its the only seal that does decent damage. I suggest making the seal of command custom, since it is a custom server, and make it hit all nearby targets rather than just 2, as well as buffing the damage on it to equivalent damage of seal of command / vengeance. This would help boost aoe capabilities of paladins. If unable to properly change the mechanics and allowing it to hit all nearby targets, I would suggest a major damage boost to it so it would be useful to use. Thank you for your time reading this.
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    I agree to this!
    Furthermore, I would love if alls seals would be useful in different situations instead of 1 seal being superior to all the others.

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