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    Donor Shirt & Tabard

    i have qustion about this ( why Donor shirt IV Not have spell pen vs Voter IV ) ?
    This is "Donor" In Game for Spell Character like mage , Priest & ... Spell pen is very important & all player cant win in event for Shirt & Tabard with 300 spell pen ... In pve like RFC & Kara Its Much Much Important for dps

    I Think maybe its time to solve it

    Thanks for all

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    Donor Shirt IV doesn't have such, as it has other purposes. You can't expect donation items to have all stats, like spell penetration. There has to be different items with different stats and different ways of achieving these, so that it doesn't all come down to who has the most money, to get the most donation stuff.
    Having separated the items like this, makes sure that both donor and non donors have to vote for the server, which is more profitable than only non donors having to vote to obtain these stats.

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    I don't know much about voting tho.

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