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Thread: New here :P

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    New here :P

    hello guys im new on this type of servers i had been playing wow for 11 years. but atm i stop playing on original server and i wana give a try on private servers.

    i would love to know wich server is better, like i saw we have 2 server right?

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    Welcome, you can have a look at this thread under Wotlk realms section for a brief overview of what each realm is.

    You're welcome to try both and judge for yourself what you feel is better. There is guides for each realm as well that you can find in the FAQ thread I linked as well. Enjoy your stay.
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    Welcome Rimmon

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    Hello ! I'm new to the community, playing this game for the first time I hope you can help me where I can not do it myself

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    Hello! I'm also new

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