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    Quote Originally Posted by Devoutqt View Post
    Their wider range of utility spells just makes them broken. Having everything you need in a pet without having to ACTUALLY choose your choice wisely is just not fair imo. Certain situations a spider for the root may be needed, or a stun, etc. But why should someone choose a spider > a donor pet? There is no advantage over taking a spider at that point > the donor pet simply because it has everything you need. You should have to decide on which pet you need to take in to combat given the certain circumstances. But since you have donor pet, no brainer right there.
    That's feedback and suggestion I wanted to receive. Explained point of view and arguments. I've gone through all pets once again and I agree with you now. Having all those utility spells indeed gives you unfair advantage compared to other classes.

    Quote Originally Posted by deadlylord7 View Post
    Since it is 3v3 pvp tournament the standart must be arena one, no pots, no nitro, no spells with cool down bigger then 10 minutes

    PS Every single profession has it's own utility for arena, not alowing people to use it is dumb
    My goal is not to make this event just "3vs3". I then would not apply any rules aside from normal PvP rules. I want to make this event as competitive and equal in terms of different classes, as I can.

    Hunter pets are not allowed now.
    Also normal ressurections are now allowed. No CR/Ankh/Soulstone allowed still.

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    Hunter pets are not allowed now.
    Great 1 step closer to the optimal class balance

    Custom mounts needs to be disabled too, because they have 250% run speed and it give unfair advantage to the healer classes, because they can run around while mounted and will time for their team to kill the enemy team, i haven't participated in event, but i have seen a lot of players running like this in 2v2 and WSG

    Also as you know people have different scallings in PVP and PVE and the PVP scalling applied right away when you fight with somebody in the world pvp?

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    During fights in the event, people are under arena scalings.

    As for mounts - yet I haven't witnessed anyone getting a real advantage of it during the event. But if I notice something like that, I will consider your suggestion.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Please note that the date has been changed to 14.06.18

    - - - Updated - - -

    Next date has been announced.

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    Date of the last game of current season has been announced: 07.09.2018

    Arm yourself, gather a team. Time to show others who is the boss here!

    - - - Updated - - -

    The first season has been closed!
    Congratulations to
    Jedilol | Notmehr | Qyu for surviving this bloodbath and winning this season!

    Also special thanks to everyone for joining the event and, most importantly, having fun during it. See you all at other events!

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