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Thread: can't log in

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    can't log in

    Sorry for posting this here as i did not know where i should've made this thread.
    I used to play private servers before , but i played retail wow for some time now.
    Now i downloaded everything to join in on this private server.
    I downloaded the client + the patch.
    But somehow i can't log in to the game, it keeps telling me the message: "The server has been restarted. Log back in. in 30seconds"
    i thought downloading the client + patch wouldn't give me any problems, i checked everything, realmlist and patches are all like they should be. i'm clueless on what to do now. is the server down? or is the problem on my end? would like some help with this ASAP.
    can even get teamviewer if needed so one of you guys could take a look at what's actually wrong.
    Thanks in advance fellow players!
    Greets. Kevin

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    solution: you can only log in using username, not using e-mail.. noobish mistake i guess, thanks anyway, off to playing!

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    Considering you solved this issue on your own, will close the thread. Enjoy playing
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