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    1. Do some class quests till level 32 and pick the fallen heroes quest line from pve mall
    2. If a leveling event is active u can use it also(teleporter, event section)
    3. When you hit LVL 80 pick the attunement ICC quest outside ICC and do it along with the solo dungeon. This will provide you with the necessary gear to enter ICC.
    4. Before you enter ICC you should take the quests to ENTER ZUL GURUB, the quest giver is outside ZUL GURUB, (T11 RAID), and also pick the quests from PVE mall to kill LICH KING and for the LEGENDARY WEAPON 2.
    5. Vote on FALLEN HEROES SITE to gain silver coins (128 silver coins per day max) so you can buy your Legendary weapon 1 and other things that are buyable on site, like armor, relics, 36 slot bags, etc.
    6. Daily quests can be found in Wandering Isles and in Argent Tournament grounds, Scarlet Event and Lost Isles PVP Event, and it is a good way to farm gold.
    7. Read your book guide in your bags.
    8. You can pick 3 main professions and all the secondary such as cooking, fishing and first aid. I strongly advice to make a second “farming” toon, to get faster the raw materials you will need, such ores, herbs leather and whatever else you may need.
    9. Learn from guides (search google for 3.3.5a version of the game), the best talents set up for your characters class and the rotations and little secrets you may use to make you a better player.
    10. Have fun and I hope all the above will help any new player. All the rest you will see them in game .
    11. Ask for information in world chat in game.
    12. I hope i did not forget anything crucial.

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    Great guide, even tho I play on Unlimited, I've really been considering going on Fallen. If I do so, I'll make sure to use this guide, as it makes me feel more prepared for the content of Fallen!

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