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    Lightbulb [Unlimited] - Revamped Instances Release (T1-T5.5)

    First of all, we want to start this by apologizing to the players for taking too long with this update. The reason behind this is because we had to make new instances (10 in total), everything custom, nothing reused, and had a lot of issues from the past work and changes, not taking into consideration the testing of all instances.

    This update aimed to redo the leveling system and zones, and redo the instance tier progression.

    You will have to update Item Enchant Patch (aka Patch-9.mpq) from the Downloads section on the website, or on this link for Windows or Mac.

    Below you will find a listing of all the changes that we have done and their description.


    We have changed the way leveling works. You will no longer kill mobs, in a leveling road, to gain XP, but rather you will have to complete special leveling dungeons to advance in level.
    We have made all gear, below Tier 15 (including the old leveling gear) deprecated, to remove any confusion in what gear to use.
    To aid the players in leveling, and to make it easier to manage, we have made a single leveling set for each class, which will increase in stats with the player's level, removing the need of equipping a different set each level.
    For all characters below level 255, that have been created before this update has been added on the server, will be leveled to level 255 for free, teleporter in the mall, and have their Hearthstone set in the mall.
    For all new characters, that have been created after this update has been added on the server, they will be spawned in the Auchindoun, that then will have to follow the quests inside the first instance, Mana-Tombs. While there, they will have to clear the first set of trash mobs and the end boss to be advanced in level. By following this route, the player will find himself clearing all 3 instances, which, at the end, will grant them level 255, and teleport them in the mall.


    We have removed the Tier 12, 13, 14 and 15 instances, and renamed all tier numbers.

    • Tier 16 (Shattered Halls) became Tier 1 (Scarlet Monastery - Cathedral)
    • Tier 17 (Zul'gurub) became Tier 2 (Ragefire Chasm)
    • Tier 18 (Zul'aman) became Tier 3 (Shadowfang Keep)
    • Tier 19 (Sunwell Plateau) became Tier 4 (Vault of Archavon)
    • Tier 20 (Ragefire Chasm) became Tier 5 (Hellfire Ramparts and Shattered Halls) and Tier 5.5 (Blood Furnace)
    • Tier 21 became Tier 6 - stayed the same
    • Tier 22 became Tier 7 - stayed the same
    • Tier 23 became Tier 8 - stayed the same

    All instances, from Tier 1 to Tier 5.5, have had their requirements changed to require item level to enter. For example, to enter the Vault of Archavon raid, the player will have to have an item level of 4750.

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    The new instances' content information and fight explanation will be comming tomorrow.

    - - - Updated - - -

    There have been no dmg nerfs/buffs. If your dmg is lower than before, in the new revamped instances, is because we have also lowered the trash/bosses' hp, to no longer be near the HP cap of 2147M.
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    Thank you for this revamp!!! Looking forward to things from here on!!! Keep up the great work!! <3

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    Amazing! <3

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    thats to bad... was realy hoping you'd change Kara and Toc gearing to the same system as Ulduar is... after completing few chars in Toc it gets realy frustrating to do like 70 runs more in there to get 1 spec completed...

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    true... with kara and toc... if you don"t have a main with toc acess to farm trophys kara take alot of time and... to get t22 from toc too..

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    They are working on it... Be patient.

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    Disabled WPvP outside the new instances' entrance.
    Made the leveling gear not usable in PvP, and the gear will unequip when entering instances other than leveling instances or Scarlet Monastery. Also updated their description to mention that.
    Fixed the Tier 5.5 Warrior item price from the vendors to require the Warrior Token.

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    New resistances have hit my t3 mage pretty hard. down by 40% dmg ;s

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    are you going to change the tier one caster dagger to mainhand only?

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