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    How to Tree - a Resto Druid Guide

    Fallen Heroes Resto Druid Guide
    This guide is my suggestion as to how a tree should be spec'd, geared, and played on Fallen Heroes. The information in this guide takes into account the particular quirks, buffs, nurfs, and bugs that are unique to this server. There are some alternative playstyles for Trees, but I find that focusing on blanket HoT uptime and Nourish bursting is the most effective for your typical 10 man raid scenario.

    If you are under the 856 haste cap, use this build
    If you are over the 856 haste cap, use this build

    Rapid Rejuvenation and Swiftmend are mandatory.

    Your 3rd choice is based on your play style.

    Nourish - this is my recommendation as it drastically increases your burst healing capabilities

    Rejuvenation - performs best in pvp, but can situationally provide a very large amount of raid wide healing per second, performs best when the entire raid is taking mass damage

    Wild Growth - if you keep 100% uptime on WG this can be a valuable healing per second increase, it also causes more revitalize procs, but in my opinion it really only shines in 25 man multi-healer situations

    Do not use Regrowth, if you're spamming Regrowth you shouldn't be playing a druid, go roll a nuke healer instead of a HoT healer.

    How do Tree:
    Properly capping haste and then stacking as much spellpower as you can is the key.

    Unlike other healing classes that are reactive in their healing (waiting till damage occurs, and throwing huge heals at the recipient) Trees are predictive (when someone takes damage, they should already have at least 1 HoT on them) .
    However, that's not to say they can't burst out some quick explosions in healing, a full stack of HoTs and a bit of Nourish spamming can put out massive single target numbers (over 15k/sec in T10). more details about this later in the guide...

    Stat Priority:
    Haste > Spellpower > Spirit > Crit > Int

    This is your primary stat for socketing.

    Haste benefits trees in 3 ways:
    1. It lowers the global cooldown of spells. A 1 sec GCD is a requirement for a tree, it's their "soft cap"
    2. It lowers the cast time of some key spells like Regrowth and Nourish.
    3. It increases the speed your primary spell, Rejuvenation, takes to heal its full amount. Because of this haste will continue to benefit you after the soft cap, but it should no longer be your primary focus, Spellpower will provide more throughput at soft cap.

    Haste soft cap depends on your talents, and your available buffs in group. Moonkins, ele/resto shaman, and ret paladins will all provide haste buffs to the raid. Celestial Focus(CF) is a balance tree talent that you should only take if you're under 856 haste.
    Here is a breakdown of the haste caps with each buff/talent combination (CF = Celestial Focus):

    Both haste buffs (8%)
    735 haste rating (3/3 CF)
    856 haste rating (0/3 CF) - This is the minimum haste requiement to get rid of CF.

    Wrath of Air alone (5%)
    856 haste rating (3/3 CF)
    980 haste rating (0/3 CF)

    Imp Moonkin/Swift Ret alone (3%)
    936 haste rating (3/3 CF)
    1063 haste rating (0/3 CF) - recommended

    No haste buffs
    1063 haste rating (3/3 CF)
    1193 haste rating (0/3 CF)

    1063 is my recommendation as a target haste cap. Planning your haste cap around the expectation of having 1 of the lower haste buffs is usually a pretty safe choice, as shamans and ret paladins are both very popular on Fallen.

    This is your secondary stat for socketing.
    Get all the spellpower you can that doesn't interfere with your haste cap.

    This should only be socketed to gain T11 socket bonuses, even then it should be spellpower/spi, not just spi. The only exception is if you have to activate your meta gem until you get a Nightmare Tear.
    Spirit provides mana regen as well as converting into spellpower. 10spi = 2.01 SP

    Meta is 21int/chance to restore mana on cast, because you cast a lot of spells as a druid.
    Yellow sockets should have haste gems, if you don't need 20 haste gems to reach your cap, use spellpower/haste
    Red sockets should have spellpower/haste until you reach soft cap, then just spellpower after.
    Blue sockets on T11 should be filled with spellpower/spirit gems, on lower tier gear the socket bonues do not outweigh using these sockets for Haste or Spellpower

    Tailoring - every healer....every...single...healer....
    Jewlcrafting - Dragons Eyes are boss AF
    Blacksmithing - 2 extra sockets to put your Dragons Eyes in
    I suggest taking Mining, using that to max Jewlcrafting and Blacksmithing, then dropping mining and picking up tailoring.

    Combat Pets:
    I haven't fully tested the combat pet options because I don't have them all. My suggested based on the buffs they provide is: Argi > Yu'la > Chi-Chi. Argi can be purchased from the web store, while Yu'la and Chi-Chi are available from the Wandering Isle bosses.

    Healing Spells:
    Druid healing works by layering heal over time effects on the raid so that when they take damage, their health fills up faster than it's going down. Combine that with some bursty single target heals for those party members who can't help but stand in the fire, or eat a big cleave.

    Rejuvenation (Rejuv) - High healing over medium to short time (based on haste). It's a Tree's primary healing output, and should be up on most of the raid most of the time.

    Wild Growh (WG) - Low healing over very short time on 5 (or 6 w/glyph) targets. It should be up 100% of the time, and will generally be cast on the tank or boss. Cast it EVERY time it comes off cooldown. WG is unique in that you can taget enemies or allies with it, and it will heal your allies that are around that target.

    Regrowth (RG) - medium target heal with medium heal over long time. add this HoT to anyone whos life is still going down while they have rejuv on them.

    Swiftmend (SM) - heals for the total remaining healing of an active Rejuv or RG on the target. Unless glyph'd it will consume the heal. This should be used before Nourish in any situation you would normally use Nourish.

    Lifebloom (LB) - medium healing fast duration HoT that stacks 3x, increasing the healing with each stack. At the end of its duration a very large target heal blooms. While this is primarily a tank heal, it is useful to drop on a few raid members that are taking more damage than the 3 HoTs above can handle.

    Nourish - a medium high target heal that is buffed based on the amount of HoTs on the target (if you followed my recommendations with the glyph).

    Healing Touch - The only time you can ever cast this, is if you use Nature's Swiftness, and even then Nourish probably would have been a better choice.

    Tranquility - massive healing over a large area. This is generally garbage in 10 man content and will primarily be used to heal up the party after a wipe.

    Utility Spells:
    Nature's Swiftness - Makes your next spell an instant cast

    Rebirth - Allows you to resurrect a player while in combat. Very powerful when combined with Nature's Swiftness.

    Innervate - It's a HoT, but for mana. Use it on yourself any time you're missing 20% or more of your mana.

    Abolish Poison - removes a poison from the target every 3 seconds for 12 seconds

    Remove Curse - what it says

    Barkskin - reduces damage you take by 20% and makes you immune to cast time pushback for 12 seconds

    Cyclone / Entangling Roots / Nature's Grasp - crowd control abilities, read them for details

    How Do Heal?:
    Generally speaking, you spread HoTs around the raid, and spot heal with target heals as needed.
    Solo Raid healing:

    Keep WG up 100% of the time. It is especially useful in melee heavy groups.

    Cast Rejuv on anyone that takes damage

    If someone's health is still going down after you put Rejuv on them, toss them a Regrowth.

    Swiftmend is your first choice if Rejuv and Regrowth aren't keeping your target's health up.

    Lifebloom at 3x stacks should ALWAYS be allowed to explode instead of refreshing it with a 4th cast. Lifebloom is expensive, but restores a portion of the mana used to cast it when it explodes

    Lifebloom should be cycled on the tank at all times, unless you need the extra healing from multiple stacks. Cast 1x, stack other HoTs while the time run down, when it's almost expired add a stack, then repeat, allowing it to bloom at 3 stacks.

    Lifebloom can also be used if a few raid members are still taking damage with both Rejuv and Regrowth on them.

    Nourish will primarily be used if/when the tank takes a large hit or a high damage phase in a boss fight, but can/should be spammed on anyone that's taking too much damage for your HoT stack to handle.

    In summary if someone is taking damage, use spells in the following order until their health is going up instead of down: Rejuv > regrowth > swiftmend > lifebloom > Nourish

    Rez - This macro will use Nature's Switfness + Rebirth to instant rez if you are in combat, or Revive if you are not. @target can be replaced with @mouseover if you prefer.
    #show Rebirth
    /cast [@player, combat] Nature's Swiftness
    /cast [@target, combat, dead] Rebirth; [@target, dead] Revive

    Mouseover - This macro will cast a spell on the target your mouse is currently pointing at. If you have no mouseover target, it will cast on your target. If you have no mouseover target or friendly target, it will cast on yourself. Replace the name of the spell in all 3 places to use this macro with different abilities. I have this macro setup for all of my healinging spells. Using this macro with WG will make you unable to target an enemy with WG unless you remove the , and the word help from the first 2 sets of [] in the macro.
    #showtooltip Rejuvenation
    /cast [@mouseover, help] Rejuvenation(Rank 15); [@target, help] Rejuvenation(Rank 15); [@player, help] Rejuvenation(Rank 15)
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    Any gear guide, suggestion?

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