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    I am not sure if my private message went through to you Rob. I would appreciate if we could get get in contact anyhow whatsoever.

    I will drop posting stuff under this guys suggestions, and hope you will DM me on this forum or whereever.


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    Feel free to watch this

    Joke aside, i haven't watched these oldschool clips, but there are many helpful strategies, even for 255 server, which people made back in the days!

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    i'll make a small suggestion/comment,
    All classes are not equal, Some classes have damage/tank/healing Talents , Attributes which contribute to all of those trees(slightly OP) and are at the same damage output as a class with only Damage/Damage/Damge talents and Damage/Damage/Heal talents. and all other sorts of combinations of talent tree's. While not only defensive and healing ability, they actually gain utility and defensive cooldown/healing cooldowns. Which is basically Custom 255 you cannot hide from it.

    But I think there should be a way to not balance everyone's damage because they have defensive, healing talent tree's among their main skill and everyones main skill that is to deal damage ( Majority of Hwow) While buffing a defensive /healing and reducing a bit of damage can make them immortal. and it's silly to add super custom abilities such a self healing and interupts for each class. In a sense there should be basically (3x dps talent tree = 1/heal,tank,dps talent tree ) to end up around the same hp, after the damage class blows his load and the other uses heal/tank abilities during the fight. IT sucks for a rogue that is actually limited by what weapon he uses, And on another note should be looked at to give a rogue specific weapon that is (every weapon -Mace-Sword-Dagger-Axe) 1 hand and 2 handed.

    My input on all classes :

    Mages, Way to op with "slow" and knock backs.
    Priests Shadow form is very limiting to the rest of its talent tree(s)
    Warrior benefit way too much from armor / attack power (defensives and self heal from crits are OP).
    Paladin, Stun - face the player dead is not that fun to play against.
    Shaman, limited by it's attributes to other talent tree's and not balanced correctly.
    DK Runes are annoying to play around with 3 talent tree(s) and self sustatin mobility is kind of weak.
    Hunter kind of a turret... you should try bring in some cataclysm tech and allow hunters to move and shoot.
    Rogue Has use for 3 weapon types and is limited by that , Stealth Combat bugs a lot. Vanish doesn't ( Vanish ) Cloak of shadows doesn't actually stop 90% of all spells
    Druids are limited by form GCD and favours spell power side of druids (balance and resto) high surviveability and high damage ( Feral ) :suggestion. Lower GCD of attack forms ( Cat Bear Moonkin ) by 0.25 - 0.5 seconds. And leave Travel, Tree form, Aquatic at 1.5

    Lastly, I think gearing shouldn't be capped or very slow towards the end of the Season (13) IF anything i think most of those who are potentially skilled players end up not sticking around long enough to gear to a point where they can even be happy with their gear set or they completely dedicate their time to PvP because it is as much of a grind as gearing for PvE, PvP gear should be obtainable at an easier rate. So that people can actually PoP in and out of PvP when they feel and increase the frequency they do so because being able to compete is much more fun that grinding to that level of competing to the tier 13 *pvp* geared players and then loosing interest or getting the wrong idea about what is and is not balanced.

    Finally. Stealth classes are kinda nerfed as fk in bgs and the combat bug is an issue that should be looked at.

    Personal note, PvP in all series of WoW has allways been the end game (downtime on new updates/Expantions) . Using what you've gained in PvE to have some sort of fun in PvP, It should kind of be a little like that.

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