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    Voting for Heroes WoW

    We release new Voting rights were suspended for people who did that and were caught, but the fact remains that the voting system was meant to spread Heroes's popularity - if people cheated (even if they got voting rights suspended), Heroes WoW got no votes in the ranking websites. So, if you have a strong dislike for the new system, blame it on the people who cheated the old system.

    The new system is very alike the old one, except for one extra step per vote, used to assure you entered the captchas. Yet, many people are complaining they don't get votes or misunderstanding how to do the whole process. Just follow these easy, verified as working , steps, with images to help:

    *Note: Make sure you are using Google Chrome for voting to count.

    1) Go to the Heroes WoW webpage and select "Vote". This will show you the banner of the available ranking websites.

    2) Enter the captcha correctly. Some captchas are impossible to understand or reproduce, so just do your best. If entering incorrect captchas causes Heroes WoW to not receive your vote in the ranking, your voting rights may be suspended and your account may be banned.

    3) After confirming your vote for Heroes WoW, you will be taken to the main listing of the ranking site. To be on the safe side, let the page load completely, then locate the Heroes WoW banner and click on it.

    4) Select on which website did you vote Wotlk or MoP

    5) If you voted properly you will see "Congratulation, you have received 5 Silver Coins".

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