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    Haven't played since Ahn'Qiraj came out....hi

    So I last played with 60 was the level cap, Pandas were just bamboo-guzzling tubbies, and Barrens chat was the cool thing to do to get riled up on a Saturday night. Ran Molten Core and Blackrock Spire a bunch, and died numerous times in AQ and ZG back right before I quit. I'm back now...will see how it goes. I used to run a Rogue mainly and it sucked, but I loved it. I'll probably go with a Rogue again because why not? Fuckin' Warlock DoTs though, man. Oi.

    Edit: If any of the lads and lasses from Blackdawn are around, it would be absolutely monumental to get back in touch. My old Rogue was named Repose. I have fond memories of Boots and Straps excoriating us to loot the hounds in MC. Lol.
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    I’m still here hehe

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