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    super super new

    hey ive never played wow ever, and was looking to get into for a really long time, the other day i looked up some pservers and kept my eye on this one, can you guys help me understand things like the races/raids also realms i have no idea what their about, or just a simple walkthru currently downloading~

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    Unlimited is a fully custom realm. Level cap of 255. Ability to take all 3 specs. High Stats. More players. Linear raids and dungeons until higher geared. Can't comment on the PvP really, other than its going through a lot of reworking and balancing atm. Loads of people find it fun to play there and sure you can find a few helpful players there.

    Fallen is a High-rate Blizzlike Fun realm. It's more like retail until later on(Custom content to extent the gameplay). Might be better for you if you're planning to learn some classes? Most guides you find on the interwebs will match it. Very few players there willing to help you, if you can get past their epeens! Not as many players as Unlimited but more personal in the whole "grouping" aspect of it I guess. Also has the option to reduce your experience rates to x1 so you can level at blizzlike rates, if you so desire.

    Either realm you pick, I would suggest starting out as a Hunter, Paladin, or Shaman. Those classes are pretty good newbie friendly ones. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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