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    Well its been nearly two years since I first started working on Tier 11 instance for Fallen! Granted one year I was pulled away from Fallen to focus on our other realm but man TWO years. I'm happy to announce that Zul'Gurub is fully released! It now features a total of 9 unique bosses, full t11 sets, Proff items, Rep and ilvl 287 items. Every boss is killable and each has its own unique loot table. While the instance itself is basically finished it is far from done! I have much more improvements and additions to add to it! Such as visual improvements and of the release of the Legendary 3 boss; Hakkar! I would also personally like to thank the 8 to 15 players who were here on Zul'Gurubs alpha release and for its full release. All the runs, feedback, and suggestions you guys have given me has really pushed my abilities to the limits! Frustratingly so... But I think the turn out was worth all the hassle it took me to fix the issues. You guys the real MVPs! So enjoy Zul'Gurub's full release and look forward to the introduction of Legendary 3's Class Weapons for each class and each spec!

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    Onyxia's Liar

    I totally forgot to make this post last month! I've released a new 10 man raid! Onyxia! She has returned bigger, bader and undeader than ever! She will drop ilvl 264 trinkets, necklaces, rings, weapons, bracers, belt, boots, and cloaks! She is tougher than most ICC bosses and weaker than most ZG ones. With the release of Onyxia Fallen will no longer support 25man instances.
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