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    Quote Originally Posted by thereciprocal View Post
    So do we have any update on when this event will be? Since we were supposed to get information this week
    within 72h - next week - ??
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    I did update the thread - information about the release date (due to some IRL issues it has to be vague, I'm sorry for this) and some more additional info on what you will get in the event. So this event has items that everyone would want, not just some class or spec.

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    You better be right.

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    Any news bout the event?

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    ​The midsummer event is live now!

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    what's the respawn time on chest?

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    Not giving out exact numbers. But it's long enough to make camping from spawn to spawn pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keeper View Post
    There will be 400 spell penetration tabard. And yes, it will be obtainable for every class. There won't be any weapons 100%.
    Is this still valid? We got a 300spellpen tabard as the reward for both Hearts. There will be an upgrade later down the line of this event?

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    Yes, all information you can find in this thread is still valid, otherwise I would announce it.

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    Can't wait to see how the event unfolds throughout the weeks!
    Looking forward to it!

    Once there's something to do

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