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    Midsummer Event 2018

    Can you feel it, fellow heroes? As the Midsummer is coming, Fire Elementals are starting to gain power. Civilians are reporting elementals infiltrating and burning to ashes their homes! They seem to be quite weak yet, but their powers are growing with each day. What will be their next move?
    Inhabitants of the Mall have heard and seen some suspicious activity in Wayfarer's Rest, old and abandoned inn in the East side of the Mall.

    -- Update --

    The MidSummer is here!

    The Fire Elementals have started a full invasion! Our deepest fears have come true! They are infiltrating nearly every part of our world. Who is going to save us from this combustion?

    The weird activity in Wayfarer's Rest has come to its peak with the coming of the Mid Summer. What is going on there? Will we have to fight 2 enemies at one time?

    -- Update --

    Orlunn has turned to be a traitor! He devoured all the fire essences you, brave heroes, gave to him and ran away to Obsidian Sanctum! You need to stop him, brave
    heroes, or the Fire will conquer the world!
    Majordomo Staghelm has arrived to help the heroes, but he is focused on containing the Wild Fire that Orlunn has broken free. You will have to stop the new threat yourself!

    -- Update --

    As the MidSummer is coming to its end, Orlunn feels that his powers are slowly fading. He went for his one and only chance: a treacherous assault on the Mall, the only place where true heroes that can stop him exist! We have to stop him, heroes, or our world will be doomed! He is so afraid of you, heroes, that even summoned some of the troops to his hideout. It's time to strike!
    In addition, to help out the heroes, Varidus the Flenser managed to steal a large supply
    of fireforged
    bags from the Fire Elementals. He is willing to exchange them for some fire essences.

    Additional information

    The event will be held from 14.07.2018 to 04.08.2018

    Take care that this event includes a minimum amount of quests. Most of the information about it you will need to get from speaking with NPCs / exploring the world / asking other players. Staff will not guide you on most parts of it unless there is an issue.

    The 10man OS raid is now available. It has a daily quest for it, at Majordomo Staghelm. Portal to the raid is placed in Wayfarer's Rest.

    You can ask your questions in this post. Some of them will be answered, some not. This thread will be updated with new information as the event is coming up. Stay tuned and enjoy playing on our server!

    The timer on all event world NPCs and chests has been greatly reduced. Fireforged bags and legendary tabards are at the vendor now. The drop rate for core was increased once again.

    Trinket information

    As players have been asking lately, I have gone through some tests:
    Core of the Wind - the procs do stack. However, hunters receive an increase in damage output compared to t8.5 trinket as well.
    Core of the Ice - it is hard to track if the damage output was due to anti-resistance spell stacking or stats of the trinket compared to the t8.5 version. However, all ranged DPS casters receive an increase in output.
    Core of the Unholy - it is hard to run a clean test, but it appears that the proc effect doesn't stack.

    *It was a test whether the proc of trinket stacks with the same proc of donor trinket*

    *Credit for the pictures to Chrispee*
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    Banned deadlylord7's Avatar
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    Are we going to have rare overpowered items such as boots from 2015?
    Are we going to have 400 spell pen shirt, obtainable from every class?

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    Will there be any weapons or transmogs on this event?

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    There will be 400 spell penetration tabard. And yes, it will be obtainable for every class. There won't be any weapons 100%.

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    hey, 2 questions:
    1st) will we get an event boss?
    2nd) the last 3-4 events all had a questing zone in which you grinded quests(kill X collect Y) for a reward (which made all events very similar), do you guys have some new ideas for us or will you stick to this?
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    This event will not follow the same template we used for Easter. It's something completely new from what we have had as events before.

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    This may be a worthless list of dumb suggestions that may not even be heard but there only will be complains.

    1.- Let's not make horrible endless grinds to get stuff. Not saying to make everything be that easy to get, but those endless grinds are making a certain amount of players to not even want to do some events. Specially for their alts that may need it ... It's suppose to be fun, not annoying.

    2.- Would love some items like Halloween ones. Trinkets giving your char a colorful glow or making you look like someone else. That was a fun idea, even to the drops were a nightmare.

    3.- Special holiday's raids are something that people loves a lot, the problem comes when everyone already got the items inside it. You guys could make a raid that also drops other kind of currency or items for players. Random tier drops, shinys, barrels, etc... And also add the event items to it.

    4.- Give us some cool xmogs to fight for. There's a lot of vanilla, TBC, Wotlk xmogs that were damn freakin cool and people would love to get. Also, the other expansion ones.

    5.- Make world quest. I remember certain Christmas quest Terrorblade did it once. Find the damn lost presents around the world. That could be fun and would be totally different from what we got in the last events where we only farmed the same mobs over and over inside the same map.

    6.- DISABLE THE DAMN PVP SINCE THE VERY START OF THE DAMN EVENT... Other way, please be online to check any pvp issues that could happen during the event...

    7.- You could add certain random mobs or world bosses around, but not like normally you guys set 1 that resspawn every 5 hours or so. More like, a random spawn boss with some great decent rewards.

    8.- WTB new mounts. but damn COOL ones please. There's a huge list of freakin mounts that haven't been added into HW for years. From cata, MoP, Legion etc... (WTB the infinite timereaver mount ...)

    9.- Even to most events were able to solo it, you know, keep that idea ... It's fun to have solo things to do, more than afking in mall.

    10.- I don't know what kind of tabard skins are you guys using, but, I would love ( and I hope someone else too) to see the Tabard of Frost and Tabard of Flames/Fire be added, the ones with a kind of skull in the middle. I remember it was used in 2014 I think or 2015. After that we been using the Summer skies ones... Is not that bad, but not so cool as the ones I am suggesting. (It have the tabard of void skin but blue and red) ... (Yeah, i know, this is a personal suggestion).

    11.- Since you are talking about fire elemental invasions, I hope some kind of random event comes up with midsummer about fighting huge fire elementals army.

    12.- The toy items are always fun to get while doing any kind of event. But, you know, we kinda left that behind for a lot. We always get the same items, it's kinda time for something "new". We got a freakin turkey custome once, why not lil fire elemental custome? And more dumb stuff like that for players that already got their items, get fun with something else.

    13.- If you are willing to do some world bosses, please, make sure they do not have 30000yards aoe dmg... It's annoying for most players to get in combat bug or die at the releasing spot. Once again: Fun, it's ok to make it hard, but FUN! (This come for the last 9999 ahunes I killed and got me out of my mind after releasing ... ) Other way, set a ressing spirit kinda more closer to the boss please ...

    14.- There should be a daily random reward from a quest, a mob, a boss , I don't know, up to you, same to the kind of reward. But, what I mean is to add something UNIQUE that will drop into that day. Something every player will have the chance to get but only THAT DAY. It could make more players to join the event everyday.

    Maybe, i could give some more suggestions, not at this time. Even to, I know there will be some tears and most stuff wont be accepted, maybe, not even readed. But, you want something cool, unique and "new" ? There you have it. It takes some lot of work, but good stuff takes time. Bye...

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadlylord7 View Post
    Are we going to have rare overpowered items such as boots from 2015?
    Are we going to have 400 spell pen shirt, obtainable from every class?
    None of the items from 2015 are overpowered. Only because you didn't play at that time and don't have it, they're not overpowered.

    Yes you can obtain the 400 spell pen shirt on your DK, but you will have no profit from it, so don't even bother getting it, or trying to cry about it being useless. Spellpenetration has been disabled for DK's for years and that's for a reason. SO PLEASE DON'T EVEN BOTHER CRYING ABOUT IT.

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    Will there be any discount on donation or vote items?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLeberwurst View Post
    Will there be any discount on donation or vote items?
    Midsummer sale is up to the owner and is not connected to the Midsummer event

    @Ryusho I'll let keeper reply to the big list of suggestions
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