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    More Hard 5m Dungeons?

    I'd like to see more dungeons like the customized SWP, but more difficult. Something designed to be a challenge roughly equivalent to icc10hc (adjusted for there being only 5 people), perhaps even sharing some of the icc10hc and icc25 normal loot tables rather than transmog loot.

    There's kindof a double reasoning here. The primary reason is simply that it'd be a fun challenge when there's few people on that are both decently geared and in the mood to do a raid. Isle Bosses, SoF, and SWP are all options of course, but with a full group of fairly well-geared players, they don't really pose a challenge. Standard heroic dungeons even less so.
    The secondary reason is related; progressing on gear can be a bit of a nightmare for players with schedules that don't really agree with the time frames the server most actively raids. It's hard enough to get a full raid going when there's only 15 people online, let alone one that can pass PP. ICC10hc, Onyxia, and Hydrius border on out of the question at those times. Another method of acquiring gear somewhere between that of normal ICC and ZG that requires fewer people at once would go a long way in getting ZG more active, I believe.

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    We have a topic on our FB group about this suggestion.

    If you wanna read it. You dont have to to join to reply, you can reply here with you comments. This is basically what we've been talking about doing for some time now. There are a lot of pros to doing 5 man raids.

    Better for low pop.
    Better for the split timezone player base.
    Better for my scripting abilities.
    Linear progression. Which some could consider a down side.

    I personally want all of our raids to be 5 mans and have 2 to 3 10man boss raids. Like how it is with Onyxia, how she drops those good off-set pieces and its just one boss.

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    The whole idea behind that FB post was to have things more organized and kinda force progression through tiers so players have the previous tier gear before attempting a raid like icc where they have the previous tier and not 2 tiers below for example. As they generally don't follow the gear guide correctly and generally just do the attune quest while having heirloom or ilvl 200 off parts which tends to become an issue when jumping into raids.

    5 man raids is always a good thing especially how Fallen currently is and it can be applied for higher level tiers or lower like that FB post suggests. Overall this idea has been talked about and hopefully with positive feedback from that FB post, things will be overhauled to be much better than it is now and people not skipping majority of the stuff while having the ability to find groups easier due to 5 man stuff offering much better rewards than they currently do. The idea can be adjusted to cater to newer tiers as well or older tiers, so either way the idea is quite flexible.
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    Oh man, I read that post when you linked it in discord! I don't know if I was half asleep or something, but I clearly missed some details while reading through it. I did pick up on the "more custom content" bit, and apparently came to a very similar conclusion to you guys while trying to think of something to suggest.

    I love the idea, personally! 10m raids are awesome and all, but given the amount of times I'm hoping for three or four specific people to hop on so that we have even a CHANCE of passing PP? Definitely not always ideal. A smoother progression leading up to ICC wouldn't hurt anyone, and something a little more accessible between ICC and ZG would be great, especially since the gap between ICC drops and ZG drops is so much greater now.

    Some people might get a little squicky over forcing a progression up to ICC, but I'm pretty sure newer players won't mind. As for more raids and especially 5m ones? I can't think of anyone who would possibly complain.

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