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    --Things about the new mog system--

    Just some things I noticed that I think should be changed and things that are a little bugged, but awesome to see this be released!!!

    Thank you devs for making this

    - You can only mog the type of gear your wearing
    - If you're wearing Leather gear, you can only tmog your gear to leather mogs, Plate can only be mogged to plate etc.
    - If you're using a staff you can only tmog it to staff models, 1hSword can only mog to 1hSword, etc.
    (Basically you can't tmog things to whatever you want, like you can from the normal mog vendors, so imo you should make all mogs accessible no matter the type of gear you're wearing, and once like that create subsections for plate, mail, leather etc.)

    - If you mog something, and put it in your inventory and put it back on the mog is gone.
    - You can't mog things from other classes, the mogs either have to have no class specified or the class your playing.
    - If you buy a weapon from the Mainhand store it's no longer available for purchase in your OffHand Store, meaning you can't have the same mog in both hands.
    - Weird random bugs when mogging an item with the old/new mog npcs. Even if you remove mog on both npcs if you put the item in your bag and back on you still have it. (Requires relog after removing the mogs to fix)

    Please post all bugs/problems you guys encounter so this can be tuned better!

    Few hours after release
    *NPC Has been removed*
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    Whatever your first item you mog for each slot you can only use that one no matter what item you click it always goes back to the first mog you chose in the new tmog system.

    Ok after like 1000 tries i got it to change so its just super bugged.
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    You have to relog everytime you want to switch out a mog, and you have to remove the mog, so you cannot mog over another mog when you mog the first time.

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