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Thread: Sup sup sup!!!

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    Sup sup sup!!!

    Hey guys and gals, Gen here..

    Super new to the "Private Server" world, but been playing WOW since vanilla and still one of the best games out there...

    Once its bitten you, you ALWAYS come back in one way or another!

    So - any tips and trick, please let me know, really AMPED to see what HEROES-WOW is about and hoping to make this my new world!!

    Thanks for all the hard work being poured into the game - even tho I dont know anything about it lol - but being in IT and Programming I know all about the LOOOONG hours that go into projects like this that gets taken for granted.

    Stay strong peeps,
    Gen out!

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    To be able to deal a greater amount of dps, you need two items (Tabard, and Shirt) which give you +36k haste in total. Now, these are usually donor items - but you don't necessarily have to donate to obtain these coins - if anything, just play the game, because you do actually get gold coins by playing the game. When starting out, vote. Along with the donor haste items, there are vote haste items as well, but with +12k haste - it's better than nothing. It's also essential that you have the voter buff, this is a buff that overrides Greater Blessing of Kings with a 15%+ to all stats boost.

    Other than that, find a guild and try to make friends - because having connections early on is not a bad idea when trying to find a guild later on. Also, I suggest you not to spam the chat while looking for a group or creating one, that will just cause people to ignore you.

    Have a nice stay on the server, I'll see you ingame - my username is Unit!

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