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    Visual problem wwith trasmog items

    Good morning,
    i have this strange visual problem with trasmog items.When i put them in my guild bank they do not appear to be there,guild bank shows empty although i can take them back in my bags where they do show. Also they appear normaly, if i put them in my personal bank. Thats happening only with trasmog items that i have looted from Dungeons,raids like for example t13 or t14 armor sets,but items i have bought with event credits appear normally in guild bank.
    I have tried emptying cache,disabled any inventory addons but the problem persists,which is rather annoying than a real problem.
    I would much appreciate any suggestion,if there is any solution to this bug.

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    I'm not 100% sure if this will fix your problem if you haven't tested it already but try download the icon fix addon from here to see if that helps. I've encountered this issue myself but I keep forgetting to test that addon to see if it makes a difference or not as I get side tracked with other projects / issues.

    Otherwise I'll have to ask the devs if a fix could be found and is possible to implement server wide.
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    It should indeed correct this issue.

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    hi again,
    unfortunately i had the addon installed when i wrote the post,both of them to be accurate,and still the problem persists but as i said only inside the guild bank and not for all the mogs.Few of them are ok and you can see them. All the others remain invisible and guild bank does not even count them as items, but u cannot put more items, although its says i.e. 83/98 items in the speciffic tab.Anyways is not a big deal, i ll just buy from web store some crates and gather them in one of my toons personal bank to solve the matter till a more permanent solution appears.Thank you both for ur time!

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